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Take your search engine optimization strategy to the next level.

There's more to an SEO strategy than updating title tags, meta descriptions and on-page SEO. In fact, there's a LOT more. Fruitful search engine optimization is the byproduct of working smarter: aligning SEO strategies with your unique business goals, establishing a clear project framework, and connecting the dots between strategy and execution.

With over 13 years of experience in SEO - in product & marketing roles, and agency/consulting and in-house/startup environments - we have a proven track record of dramatically growing organic SERP rankings, traffic, and conversions for brands with a focus on eCommerce, lead generation, community, and subscription-based services (including SaaS offerings.)

At The Gray Dot Company, we can be your interim VP of SEO or CMO until you hire that role. We work with established SEO teams as well as brands who eventually want to have SEO teams. We work with new businesses and early-stage start-ups, but more often, we support growing brands with existing embedded software engineering, content marketing and/or digital marketing teams. We adapt to your short-term needs and evolve with your long-term growth. We're with you every step of the way!

Our SEO strategy services are typically broken down by SEO discovery projects (e.g. audits, roadmaps, and consulting) and SEO retainers, which can involve a combination of consulting and execution or consulting only. Below is a deeper dive into these categories, as well as a snapshot of what you can expect.

Strategic SEO Services Snapshot

At The Gray Dot Company, our SEO services are designed to meet you where your team’s at. Whether your squad lacks qualified senior leadership for big-picture strategic decision-making or needs help navigating complex technical SEO problems, we can handle a myriad of strategic demands and requirements. 

  • SEO Consulting:  We take a collaborative approach to help you understand SEO opportunities and tradeoffs, so you are better positioned to make great, scalable decisions for your own organization. No more "you have to do this" from your SEO strategists. Understand the "why" behind your SEO requirements by connecting them to business-critical goals, like stronger user experience, improved brand visibility, and better-qualified conversions. 
  • SEO Strategy Documentation: It's one thing to outline a strategy plan. But it's another to clearly document the data, research, and findings to support it. This documentation helps develop a comprehensive strategy that supports your unique growth objectives while taking advantage of your strengths and unique selling points. Not only does this keep your team strategically unified and focused, but it provides the framework for a tactical execution plan.
  • SEO Roadmap Documentation: Get help creating and shopping your roadmap - complete with prioritized features, LOE estimates & timelines for recommended executions - for organizations seeking support in executing their technical & strategic projects. Turn your SEO Roadmap into an actionable, executable game plan! Learn how we develop SEO Roadmaps and work well with development teams to deploy these changes.
  • SEO Tool, Employee & Vendor Selection/Training: All teams have certain resources already in place and gaps to fill. We can help you bridge those gaps by finding the right mix of tools and/or employees for your budget, stage of business, and growth strategy, all in support of the overall growth plan. Part SEO consulting, part resource allocation, training services can be provided to internal resources & freelancers as needed.
  • SEO Development Consulting: Implementing technical SEO changes can hit a wall when your chosen tech stack has limitations, or your engineering team has limited SEO skill set capabilities. Overcome these barriers with our development consulting services, where we provide you with the direction you need to overcome these barriers. We can also help you vet new MarTech solutions and platforms to ensure they're a cohesive fit in your existing ecosystem.

We collaborate with your team to understand your current position and future aspirations, and we align those intentions by defining a scope that shapes the course of your SEO strategy. Whether it’s driving leads, eCommerce sales, membership subscriptions, or sign-ups, we design our SEO services to deliver impactful results that ultimately grow your business. 

SEO Discovery: Get the Goods & Hit The Ground Running

You've put time and effort into growing your search engine results. You may already have an in-house content and copywriting team. But something isn't "clicking" and you aren't maximizing organic search traffic or leveraging that traffic as well as you could. 

Let us extract the gold nuggets behind your project and equip your team with an actionable blueprint for success. As part of our SEO discovery process, we leverage different types of audits, research, and analyses to assemble an SEO roadmap that leads your team’s strategic direction. For teams with sound SEO capabilities in place, discovery projects cut to the chase by delivering the goods in a clear, useful way.  

While all our SEO Discovery projects are customized to the unique needs of your business, a typical Discovery might include:  

  • Keyword Research: There really is an art and a science to choosing keywords for SEO, and they aren't always the same keywords you have in mind. We'll bring expertise - as well as data - to the conversation to help you make the right decisions for your SEO strategy and your business.
  • Competitive SEO Audits: SEO is a race, and your search engine rankings are a reflection of your ranking factors vs. those of your online competitors. Gain insight into what they are doing well, and how you can leap ahead of them vs. depending on “SEO Best Practices”. Tip the scales in your favor by implementing the right features, be it improved page speed, better link building, or a great content strategy.
  • Technical SEO Audits: Research to understand what gaps may exist in the current SEO plan & technical execution, and prioritize them according to potential impact.
  • Content Audits & Analysis: Assess how well your content is working, not only in support of your SEO strategy, but also how well it’s converting visitors. Be it page copy, blog content, or visual media, an SEO content audit can pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses in how effective (or how poorly) you are communicating to users and search engines.
  • Local SEO Audits: The complexities of local SEO are entirely different from traditional forms of organic SEO. Our consulting services can peel the layers of your business’s citation profile, Google My Business listing, structured data, and other factors influencing local search rankings.
  • Core Web Vitals Audits: Assess the critical metrics used to measure your site's interactivity, loading, and visual stability - which are all critical to site speed and SEO performance. We deliver detailed and accurate data on how to effectively measure and improve your site and ensure alignment across Google’s Core Web Vitals.
  • E-A-T Audits: Demonstrating Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, both on and off your website, can positively influence your search rankings. From exploring opportunities in leveraging structured data to auditing your online footprint, we take a holistic approach in conducting E-A-T analyses.

Retain SEO Strategy Consulting & Execution Services, As You Need It

Most SEO firms are adept in keyword research, content creation, and fundamental optimization techniques. But what makes our team different is the cutting-edge capabilities we provide, and how they’re delivered. As part of a discovery project or ongoing retainer, we specialize in the following SEO strategy solutions by way of consulting, execution, or a hybrid of the two.     

JavaScript SEO

JavaScript comes with tremendous power and versatility, but it can also come with its own limitations. Specifically, SEO complications in how Google accesses a page's content. In some cases, the source code of a page is not always the “rendered code” Google interprets. For this reason, proactively auditing your website for JavaScript errors and accessibility issues is crucial in identifying and fixing these problems. This helps to ensure that Googlebot is able to access all the content on your website and all of your SEO work reaches its full potential.

SEO Migrations

For organizations changing designs, platforms or domains, we provide SEO migration consulting to help define critical SEO needs and requirements to ensure that short- and long-term ranking and traffic concerns are minimized.

  • Support vetting new designs/themes/platforms for SEO requirements.
  • Live/dev site audits, complete with recommendations for required fixes.
  • Consulting with internal SEO teams and in-house professionals.
  • SEO QA & Monitoring pre- and post- change go-live.

Core Web Vitals

In mid-2021, Google made Core Web Vitals a significant ranking factor, emphasizing the importance of a fast, user-friendly page experience. Core Web Vitals are composed of three specific user interaction and page speed measurements, including Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). If these metrics are a foreign language to you and your team, we can help bring clarity in auditing and optimizing for Core Web Vitals, and in turn, improving a website's SEO performance.

Web 3.0

Web 3.0, also tossed around as "Semantic Web," is an ultra-intelligent, efficient, and often speech-activated way to search. It’s shaped to deliver the best search results that align with a user’s intent and behaviors. In the context of SEO, Web 3.0 is less about conventional optimization techniques, more about relating to actual people. Not only does that mean developing engaging, valuable, and meaningful content, but delivering it in a way that’s fast, user-friendly, and easy to share. 

Content Marketing & SEO Copywriting

Bottom line, high-quality website content is a prerequisite for high search rankings - and getting in front of your target audience. Given that "quality content" is a moving target in today's competitive world, we'll help you craft thoughtful, well-structured content that speaks to your target audiences and moves the needle for all of your online marketing channels.

Agile SEO

We’re highly proficient in Agile methodologies, with in-depth, cross-functional experience across both in-house and agency environments. Integral to our SEO consulting services, we can work with your team to provide the direction and training they need to accomplish your specific objectives. In short, we can be flexible to your Agile needs. Learn more about our Agile SEO approach.

International SEO

Reach new target audiences abroad through the right technical implementation of International SEO best practices, localized content, and more. Our team includes SEO consultants with varied International business experience, and we go above and beyond to effectively coordinate with your team resources for seamless implementation. 

Other SEO Specializations include eCommerce SEO; Franchise SEO; and SEO monitoring, reporting & maintenance.

Analytics & Measurement 

‍Accurately measuring the success of your SEO strategy will vary greatly depending on your business type and marketing goals. With any strategic consulting engagement, we can help determine the proper conversion goals & KPIs, and effectively measure performance via Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other SEO tracking platforms. Additionally, we guide your team in the execution practices to effectively apply these iterative learnings and continue to increase your business’s growth curve.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Does your SEO strategy fit into your broader digital strategy - and further, your business and brand growth strategy? In doing so, are you considering the needs of other digital channels, like social media and email marketing, as a part of your plan? If you can't draw clear parallels, we can help.

Ongoing SEO Consulting Services

Our ongoing SEO consulting services take many shapes depending on the continuing needs and demands of your business. This can involve supporting your internal team as needed for strategy and execution course corrections, including ongoing SEO trainings. We also provide execution support as needed / time allows.

Bring Your SEO Strategy to Life

As part of delivering the highest caliber of SEO services, we specialize in strategic and technical SEO while also offering in-depth experience scaling content marketing, lead generation, analytics, and other digital marketing strategies. We’ll work with your team every step of the way and help you navigate the complexities of SEO and other channels that impact your bottom line. Learn more and get the ball rolling, contact us to get started.

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