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We work within your budget to come up with a unique and flexible plan that directly ties your investment to your goals. Our mission: maximize your return by any means possible. Our team of senior SEO experts, digital marketers, and analytical consultants are here to answer all of your questions.

"We saw a meaningful improvement to our Organic traffic, and our team has benefited greatly from knowledge sharing and ongoing collaboration."

Joff Williams

Meet the Team

Tory Gray

Tory Gray

Founder, Principal Digital Strategy & SEO Consultant

Some say Tory Gray is the Mr. Rogers of SEO and those people could be correct. If you’re looking for a kind, knowledgable person with all the right answers, she’s your gal. As a senior digital strategy and SEO consultant, Tory has spent many years scaling and growing businesses through digital growth marketing strategies all her own. So come on in, take off your shoes, and book a consultation with your new favorite internet neighbor.

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Brenna Lynne

Brenna Lynne

Lead SEO Content Coordinator

If Tory is Mr. Rogers, Brenna is her iconic red sweater, completing the whole package with her content expertise. Always focused on SEO, Brenna does everything from keyword research to topic planning to on-page optimization. Plus, she’s our resident healthcare expert with over 10 years of industry knowledge she uses to support SEO for this niche.

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Lavinia Axel

Lavinia Evans Axel

Principal Product Consultant

Lavinia has more than 15 years of experience in Customer Experience design and optimization, having held multiple operational leadership roles, including multimillion-dollar P&L management and strategic planning ownership as GM and VP of Product Development & Integrated Marketing at Match.com and Spark Networks.She's shown consistent success leading large, cross-functional teams in the advancement of leading-edge technology solutions that spark record-setting organizational growth.

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