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At The Gray Dot Company, we're dedicated to demystifying the elusive nature of SEO and taking all guesswork out of the decision-making process. We know it gets complicated, and we empathize with all types of professionals on how to make SEO work - and work really well. In doing so, we work within your budget to come up with a unique and flexible plan that directly ties your investment to your goals. Our mission: maximize your return by any means possible. Our team of senior SEO experts, digital marketers, and analytical consultants is here to answer all of your questions.

"Quality was top notch. Everything we asked for was delivered to expectation. And more!"

James Joliat
Owner @ Zerosun Creative

Meet the Team

Tory Gray

Tory Gray

Founder, Principal SEO Consultant
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

In a highly dynamic and sometimes ambiguous industry, Tory brings a refreshing combination of SEO knowledge and a growth-minded perspective rooted in kindness, compassion, and proven results. Before starting The Gray Dot Company, Tory has spent over 13 years engaged in SEO and growth strategy, serving product and marketing roles for both in-house startups and reputable agencies. As a senior digital strategy and SEO consultant, Tory offers extensive experience scaling and growing businesses and is a quoted SEO expert on SEO Roundtable, Business.com, American Express, Bluehost, Monday.com, the San Francisco Examiner, and more. She's also a senior SEO advisor for several digital agencies and a passionate mentor for WTSEO, a support network aimed for women in the Technical SEO field.

Things Tory Likes:
Women in Tech SEO. Romancelandia Twitter, and terrible/wonderful romance novels in general. Excellent communication. My kick-ass kid, Adeley. XKCD. The Good Place, Letterkenny & X-Files. Good theater. Companies & CEOs who care about their employees, and the world - and ensure everyone is well taken care of. Triominos. Old houses. Sheville & Bossy. Bowie and LCD Soundsystem. A healthy & functional democracy.

Sam Torres

Sam Torres

Managing Partner, Senior Digital Architect
Atlanta, Georgia, United States

The exemplary balance of right-brained and left-brained talent, Sam provides end-to-end creative services spanning from ideation to integration - all combined with a keen skill set in all things technical. From business and marketing planning to comprehensive and integrated creative solutions, Sam’s philosophy is to approach all opportunities from a holistic perspective and pursue big ideas with a point-of-relevance mindset. She partners with her clients on everything from strategy, concept, and execution of traditional and interactive media to business and marketing strategy consultation. Shaped by her range of experience in many facets of digital marketing, Sam offers both creative and technical capabilities combined with a humble, honest, and transparent personality.

Things Sam Likes:
Women in Tech SEO. Chai tea lattes. Board games. Silly match 3 games. Cosplay. Disc golf. Throwing dinner parties. Crafting (sewing & knitting mostly). Transparency & honesty. Sporting crazy hair colors. Automating as much of life as possible. JRPGs.

Brenna Lynne

Brenna Lynne

Lead SEO Content Coordinator
Asheville, North Carolina, United States

If Tory is Mr. Rogers, then Brenna is her iconic red sweater (and probably even The Neighborhood Trolley), completing the whole package and keeping projects on track with her superlative content expertise. Always focused on SEO, Brenna handles everything from keyword research and matrix creation to topic planning and on-page optimization. Plus, she’s our resident healthcare expert offering over 10 years of industry knowledge that she uses to support SEO for this niche. In addition to her dynamic content coordinator role with The Gray Dot Company, Brenna is also a creator behind S, a women’s interest community that explores the many wonderful and varied aspects of being a woman.

Things Brenna Likes:
All manner of craftiness/DIY. Cooking... and also eating. Trying new things. Hanging out with friends (preferably in person, but Zoom works too). Live music. Sunshine and rainy days. Reading and bubble baths. Flowers that look like poofy balls of happy. Absolutely anything by Aaron Sorkin. High tea. Sheville & Bossy. "And though she be but little, she is fierce."

Tyler Tafelsky

Tyler Tafelsky

SEO Consultant, Content Strategist
Traverse City, Michigan, United States

Having jump-started his career in college as an online news writer, Tyler fast-tracked his writing skills from mediocre to above average during his final semester at university, helping him land his first real job as an SEO copywriter in 2009. In those early years, he wrangled the fundamentals of keyword research, content audits, and writing SEO-friendly copy for applications ranging from landing pages to blogs. Fast forward to today, and Tyler has remained passionate in the art of SEO content strategy, adapting his skills and perspective to the constant evolution of Google search and the digital demands of discerning Internet users. When not out riding his bike, Tyler is often engaged in various SEO functions, spanning from SEO audits and research to strategy development and content creation.
Things Tyler Likes:
House & Techno music. Digital drum machines. Analog drum kits. Mobility & exercise science. Einstein Cycles. Racing my gravel bike. Bikepacking trips. Rapha Films. Lael Wilcox. Bearclaw Bicycle Co. Better Triathlete. Lake Michigan. Podcasts. Train travel. Maple syrup. Almond croissants. All things brewed and pickled.

Begum Kaya

Begüm Kaya

SEO Consultant
Antalya, Turkey

Begüm is a passionate SEO consultant, aligning SEO efforts with brand strategies to ensure clients' websites reflect their true identity and communicate effectively with their audiences. Having started her career in Turkey, Begüm brings an international perspective in delivering SEO-focused digital solutions and consultancy for brands in the USA, the UK, Indonesia, and beyond. Resilience - and exploring what is right for the brand - are her core strategies when it comes to SEO. Besides being a tech-focused SEO, she is also a Google My Business Gold Product Expert, which enables her the capacity to support local businesses and SMEs.

Things Begüm Likes:
Finding joy and meaning in spontaneous things: watching my cats sleep, the way the sunrays dance through wildflowers, or random night walks with a cup of tea. Attaching certain meanings to random things, from colors to emojis (especially 💙 and 💜.) Singing and playing new songs on the piano; I’ll dance till I fall! My Top 10: Jasmine green tea, fresh pistachios, white choco lemon cakes, Starbucks in Japan, cooking, hammock yoga, animals with their tongues out, friendship, spa days, turquoise waters & coral.

Colin TA Gray

Colin TA Gray

Co-Founder, Silent Partner
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Equipped with an extensive technical background creating apps and bringing big ideas to life, Colin is an experienced web & mobile software engineer/ manager with a demonstrated history of delivering stable and durable enterprise applications. In simple terms, he builds great software with great teams. Colin is highly skilled in mobile (iOS & Android), web applications (React), APIs (JSON, GraphQL), and web servers (Rails, Elixir Phoenix). He currently supports The Gray Dot Company as a Board Advisor and silent partner, and also serves as Principal Engineer of Mobile at Shopify.

Things Colin Likes:
My partner-in-life Tory Gray, and best-kid-ever Adeley. Woodworking. Board games, whiskey and gin cocktails. Traveling with my family. Skiing. Tinkering in electronics (my mechanical keyboard firmware is custom-written Arduino code!) Making Open Source Projects. D&D with my buddies, including my D&D Character Generation Podcast.

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