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Our team of experts takes the time to listen and learn about your business, your objectives, and your unique competitive landscape. We help break down communication barriers, achieving new levels of operational efficiency with a results-driven approach that evolves with you as you grow and scale.

We make complex systems approachable
The Gray Dot Company is a senior-level SEO consultancy specializing in digital strategy and tech solutions grounded in data, analytics, and long-term growth.  We work with high growth-brands, established start-ups, and teams large and small.

Discover better data and technology
We have advanced capabilities and experience addressing complex technical challenges and business objectives, like website migrations, JavaScript SEO, internationalization, organic traffic drop-offs, cross-domain tracking, and fully custom analytics dashboards.

Explore new perspectives that bring insights and opportunities to the fore
Our passions are rooted in integrity, collaboration, and respect. We offer the flexibility to tackle your biggest obstacles now, while adapting to your ongoing needs well into the future. Take the guesswork out of overcoming your next hurdles and get to the heart of what matters most to your business. Explore our approach, or meet our team members below!

Achieve your goals and act with confidence
We support your future outlook with roadmap strategy consulting, SEO training, and talent onboarding/tool selection support. With deep domain experience across multiple industries and verticals, our team has supported non-profit organizations, tech startups, SaaS companies, and businesses in regulated industries.

"While her knowledge base is incredibly strong, she stands out in her ability to not only adapt her knowledge to our industry very quickly, but to effectively communicate complex concepts to a relatively inexperienced team."

Zac McFarlane
Executive Director, Communications & Public Information Office @ Aims Community College

Meet the Team

Tory Gray Headshot

Tory Gray

CEO, Founder
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

In a highly dynamic and sometimes ambiguous industry, Tory brings a refreshing combination of SEO knowledge and a growth-minded perspective rooted in kindness, compassion, and proven results. Before starting The Gray Dot Company, Tory has spent over 13 years engaged in SEO and growth strategy, serving product and marketing roles for both in-house startups and reputable agencies. As a senior digital strategy and SEO consultant, Tory offers extensive experience scaling and growing businesses as a quoted SEO expert on Slate, Oncrawl, #SEOFomo, Monday.com and more. She's also a senior SEO advisor for several digital agencies and a passionate mentor for WTSEO, a support network aimed for women in the Technical SEO field.

Things Tory Likes:
My kick-ass kid, Adeley. Women in Tech SEO. XKCD. The Good Place. Letterkenny & X-Files. Good theater. Companies & CEOs who care about their employees, and the world - and ensure everyone is well taken care of. Triominos. Old houses.  A healthy &functional democracy.

Sam Torres Headshot

Sam Torres

Chief Digital Officer
Atlanta, Georgia, United States

The exemplary balance of right-brained and left-brained talent, Sam provides end-to-end creative services spanning from ideation to integration - all combined with a keen skill set in all things technical. From business and marketing planning to comprehensive and integrated creative solutions, Sam’s philosophy is to approach all opportunities from a holistic perspective and pursue big ideas with a point-of-relevance mindset. She partners with her clients on everything from strategy, concept, and execution of traditional and interactive media to business and marketing strategy consultation. Shaped by her range of experience in many facets of digital marketing, Sam offers both creative and technical capabilities combined with a humble, honest, and transparent personality.

Things Sam Likes:
Women in Tech SEO. Chai tea lattes. Board games. Silly match 3 games. Cosplay. Disc golf. Throwing dinner parties. Crafting (sewing & knitting mostly). Transparency & honesty. Sporting crazy hair colors. Automating as much of life as possible.

Elias Grouhi Headshot

Elias Grouhi

Director of Brand & Content Strategy
Denver, Colorado, United States

Elias is a storyteller at heart… and also a bit like Liam Neeson in the thriller, Taken. No, he won’t do you much good as a getaway driver — but he does have “a very particular set of skills, skills acquired over a very long career.” Once a copywriter with a strange appetite for data, Elias has followed his endless curiosity deep into the worlds of content design, brand strategy, and SEO. Today, he pulls from all of these perspectives, using a diversity of inputs to craft holistic content strategies informed by both sides of the brain. So while working with him (probably) won’t require a stunt double, it’s still pretty exciting in its own right.

Things Elias likes:
Books. Plants. Peaks. Powder. Pots. Pups. Art. Socks. Cocktails. Kindness. Short stories. Long convos. Obscure tunes. Five-panel hats. Football with the round ball. Random old containers that belong to other things but fit new things perfectly.

Heather Andrews Kaeowichien Headshot

Heather Kaeowichien

Director of Product Management
Tampa, Florida, United States

Heather’s superpower is making complex engineering projects seem simple. Drawing on her extensive background leading product and digital marketing teams, she brings a wealth of expertise at every level — from strategic development to technical documentation. Heather gets to the heart of business goals, customer needs, and market insights, using data to identify opportunities, craft a strong business case, and deliver value-driven solutions. As a collaborative partner, she nimbly balances stakeholder needs and builds strategic alignment to empower the successful, cross-functional execution of high-impact roadmaps.

Things Heather Likes:
My family (especially watching my son learn and grow!), learning new software tools that make life easier, being with friends, playing card- and board games, jogging, true crime shows, and going to new places.

Caesar Barba Headshot

Caesar Barba

Principal PPC & Analytics Consultant
Denver, Colorado, USA

The harmonious exemplar of PPC mastermind and data-driven growth strategist, Caesar adds value to any project he's involved in. As a talented veteran in eComm and lead gen strategy, Caesar offers over a decade of experience using platforms like Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, including Shopping Ads (formerly PLAs), Merchant Center, Display, programmatic, and social platforms. Not limited to PPC strategy, Caesar thrives in spearheading Google Analytics tracking and reporting projects, and providing a comprehensive view into brands’ digital ecosystem. Caesar brings a refreshing, overarching perspective that's rooted in client-centered curiosity and empathy. He provokes the best in businesses by driving perpetual optimization, better results, and stronger communication.

Things Caesar Likes: Volleyball (more specifically Volleyball with his wife :) Parks, and neighborhoods. Hikes and walks, either with Fawkes (Caesar’s puppy), with a good audiobook, or in reflection. Learning about people and hearing the same story over and over (spoiler, it's always different). Harry Potter. Marvel. Journaling and fountain pens. Movies. More movies, please. Friends and family.

Colin TA Gray Headshot

Colin Gray

Co-Founder, Board Member
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Equipped with an extensive technical background creating apps and bringing big ideas to life, Colin is an experienced web & mobile software engineer/ manager with a demonstrated history of delivering stable and durable enterprise applications. In simple terms, he builds great software with great teams. Colin is highly skilled in mobile (iOS & Android), web applications (React), APIs (JSON, GraphQL), and web servers (Rails, Elixir Phoenix).

Colin currently supports Gray Dot Company as a Board Advisor and silent partner, while working full time as Principal Engineer of Mobile at Shopify.

Things Colin Likes:
My partner-in-life Tory Gray, and best-kid-ever Adeley. Woodworking. Board games, whiskey and gin cocktails. Traveling with my family. Skiing. Tinkering in electronics (my mechanical keyboard firmware is custom-written Arduino code!) Making Open Source Projects. D&D with my buddies, including my D&D Character Generation Podcast.

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