Our Consulting Approach

Precise results based on a framework that’s been perfected over the years

Digital strategy isn't easy - but we help make it approachable. Your brand deserves a thoughtful, custom-tailored solution that leverages your evolving strengths and capabilities to their best advantage. That’s where we come in.
At The Gray Dot Company, we specialize in helping organizations grow from early stages of growth to later stages of improvement and convergence. We flexibly adapt our engagement from roadmap strategy and guidance, to professional consulting, to consulting and executional support, depending on the present needs and budget of the company.
Marketing is never a one-size-fits-all approach, and we custom tailor our services to support your existing team or create a personalized plan of attack based on strategy and predictable growth. Learn more about our approach and how we package and deliver our services.

How It Works

We use a simple, agile process to better determine the needs of your team so we can best achieve your short- and long-term goals. In doing so, we can help shed light on the type of services that most align with your team's requirements.

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1) Listen

Our team of experts will work with you to understand your business, assess your goals, and leverage what makes you special.

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2) Tailor

We’ll craft a precise strategy & execution plan, based in data and your needs. Connect the dots on what we’re recommending, why, and how it will help you reach your goals.

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3) Implement

Stop plateauing and start growing. We’ll provide any level of digital marketing assistance - from consulting-only to hands-on-training, to getting our own hands dirty - so that you can see tangible results from your investment.

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4) Iterate

As your business grows and evolves, so should your strategy. We’ll be right by your side monitoring progress and providing even more expert suggestions so that you continue to move the needle every day.

Some organizations need senior-level guidance for strategic decision-making, while others require more in-depth support with technical implementation. Whatever stage your team is in, we're here to support your team, adapting with you as you grow.  

Who We Work With

Our diverse background enables us to empathize with many different brands across many stages of growth, in multiple industries. So where do we specialize?

With growing brands who want to work with an honest-to-goodness digital Partner:

  • We help you kick off digital marketing, SEO & data efforts to get the "Continuous Improvement Machine" fired up.
  • We help find and train new & existing team members, and get the right tools in place.
  • We serve as your interim CMO or director of SEO until you fulfill that role internally.
  • We support you as strategic consultants when you need a scalpel, instead of a hammer.
  • We lead your discovery processes and provide strategic roadmaps for your team to execute.
  • We support execution efforts when your team is down a hire, or when it doesn't make sense to hire an FTE with specialized expertise over the long term.

Most importantly, we flexibly adapt to serve you with the right service at the right time - no more and no less. 
Our experts typically collaborate with established SEO/marketing teams with embedded engineering/product resources, as well as brands striving to build these teams in the future. 

While we work across multiple industries and verticals, we have special expertise with SaaS, funded tech startups, regulated industries, eCommerce & DTC brands, and non-profit orgs.

What We Specialize In

What differentiates our team from other consulting firms is the cutting-edge capabilities we provide and how they’re delivered. Not only do we specialize in traditional solutions like research, strategy planning, and content creation, but we provide advanced technical competencies in SEO (JavaScript, migrations, eCommerce, content marketing, and internationalization to name a few,) and Data (analytics audits for data integrity and dashboarding & data automation to better leverage the data you collect.)

The Gray Dot Company helped us hit our SEO goals by providing both technical and strategic recommendations. They helped us identify issues that were inadvertently holding us back and to create a long-term content strategy that works for our brand and team.

Sam Oliver
Managing Director, Technology
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We’ll help teach, mastermind, and carry out SEO roadmaps that check all the boxes.