Custom Analytics Dashboards & Data Storytelling

Turn Data Into Meaningful Reports That Tell Compelling Stories.

There's more to custom analytics dashboards than KPI reporting and keeping digital marketing strategies on track. Dashboarding brings stories to life by highlighting meaningful data, sharing compelling insights, and depicting the narrative behind how users are engaging with a brand.

Whether it's supporting your business’s marketing investments or reinforcing the ROI behind certain digital strategies with tangible data, a tailormade analytics dashboard is a crucial component that unifies your team and influences key decision-making. The problem is, most “out of the box” reporting dashboards only scratch the surface in providing actionable answers to challenging questions. That’s where we come in. 

At The Gray Dot Company, we specialize in enterprise-level, fully custom analytics dashboards for many different industries and brands. As a platform-agnostic team that can adapt to virtually any analytics and reporting platform, our individually-tailored dashboarding services accommodate specific reporting requirements and marketing objectives. And unlike some analytics platforms that use a subscription-based model, you take full ownership of your dashboard with 24/7 access.

Advanced, Platform-Agnostic Dashboarding & Reporting Services

Whether your brand is most active with SEO, paid advertising, or social media, dashboarding delivers a holistic, collaborative view into how it's performing across all digital channels. Not only can it be difficult to decide on an ideal platform, but creating a custom analytics dashboard - whether with Google Data Studio, Tableau, or Power BI - is no entry-level task. 

Beyond determining the most impactful KPIs, visualizations, and reports, establishing a fully customizable analytics dashboard requires a high level of technical capacity, especially when advanced tracking requirements introduce complex challenges. What separates our team from other agencies is our advanced, platform-agnostic dashboarding capabilities and built-from-scratch approach. We can help you navigate and overcome intricate dashboarding and reporting demands, like:

  • Cross-domain tracking and accurate reporting across multiple domains and subdomains.
  • Real-time tracking and user behavior monitoring.
  • Leveraging CRM data and integrating first-party data for complete visibility.
  • Omnichannel tracking and reporting across all digital platforms/channels.
  • Navigating complex technical situations, such as international SEO and website migrations
  • Data storytelling and extracting nuggets of information that can provide valuable insights.
  • Collaborating and communicating data across teams, departments, and clients.
  • Analytics auditing to troubleshoot traffic drop-offs and performance pitfalls.

Not only are we proficient in a range of dashboard platforms, but we can deploy advanced tracking techniques to capture data across entire user journeys and conversion funnels.

Dashboard Platforms We Commonly Work With

As a data- and tech-driven SEO consulting firm, we specialize in helping teams level up their ability to accurately track data and tell compelling stories that inspire and motivate action. We offer the flexibility to adapt to virtually any digital analytics dashboard platform, including: 

  • Google Data Studio
  • Power BI
  • Tableau
  • Domo
  • Klipfolio

Not sure which reporting dashboard makes the most sense for your brand? No problem. We can consult your team on the optimal platform to best align with your operational demands and reporting requirements. This can be especially valuable for larger enterprises that are in the early stages of figuring out their dashboarding needs.

Custom Analytics Dashboards Built from Scratch

Creating a custom analytics dashboard means more than just hand-picking the KPIs and reporting metrics that you want to prioritize. It's more about empathizing with how your team operates and how to utilize data storytelling to drive strategic actualization.

As many teams are quick to realize, “out of the box” platforms and reporting templates come with limitations, and using a boilerplate approach will only get you so far when building a “custom dashboard.” For businesses that have unique monitoring and reporting requirements, greater depth and context are needed to turn information into action. 

When you work with The Gray Dot Company, there are no templates or cookie-cutter portfolios involved in the dashboard creation process. We build custom analytics dashboards from scratch, all based on the unique qualities that define your team's reporting demands.

Example reports: 

example custom data dashboard
Download a PDF of this example Website Overview Report.
Example Custom Dashboard for Product Detail Page (PDP) Reporting
Download a PDF of this example PDP Report.

Getting Started Building Your Dashboard

Every dashboarding and reporting project we lead starts with discovery. We seek to learn the distinct aspects of your team behind the brand and what defining characteristics influence how your dashboard takes shape. We find it important to know your team's reporting challenges, what questions you need answered, and what your day-to-day operations look like - all in an effort to best ensure meaningful reporting.

We also take into consideration the future outlook of your brand and its strategic priorities. Whether it’s creating an SEO roadmap, optimizing for faster page speeds and better usability, migrating content to a new site, or constructing a multi-channel digital marketing strategy, we can help ensure your analytics dashboard is aligned with your brand’s objectives. For more information about what it’s like to work with us, learn more about our approach.

Take Ownership of Your Data Analytics & Storytelling

Gain more than just a high-level overview of your digital marketing efforts. With an analytics dashboard customized to your brand, your team can leverage dynamic reports that peel back the layers on individual channels as well as the bigger picture behind how multiple channels relate to one another.

It doesn't matter if you’re evolving an existing reporting system or starting from the very beginning. We can help elevate your reporting and analysis capabilities with a customizable dashboard that's designed for your team. Contact us to get started.

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