Analytics Audit Services & Advanced Data Tracking

Ensure that your data is Accurate, Secure, & Actionable.

As a boutique SEO consulting firm specializing in tech- and data-driven solutions, The Gray Dot Company can align your analytics and tracking needs to support strategic decision-making and the overall scalability of your business. More than your run-of-the-mill Google Analytics audit service, your team can leverage advanced, platform-agnostic analytics auditing and data tracking capabilities that are fully customized to your unique goals and challenges.

What distinguishes The Gray Dot Company from other agencies is our team's experience and facility helping businesses take ownership of sophisticated data storytelling and analytics tracking demands. We shift the analytics conversation to be focused on the user and not just the brand. From multi-channel A/B testing and CRO strategies to eCommerce and cross-domain tracking, we deliver individually-tailored tracking solutions that bring to life actionable insights that yield new growth opportunities. 

Gather the most relevant and impactful points of data to support your business goals while ensuring your data is 100% accurate and secure. The Gray Dot Company's analytics audit services are never templated and always designed to suit the individual needs of your team and your business. Contact us to get started, or learn more about our services below.

Fully-Custom Analytics Auditing & Data Tracking

At The Gray Dot Company, we've launched products, led SEO site migrations, and reversed crippling traffic drop-offs. The common denominator to success in all of these scenarios is effectively auditing analytics data and employing the right set of tracking tools to measure performance where it matters the most.

While Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Data Studio are fundamental tools that we help clients navigate and leverage, we handle unique tracking and reporting needs across many different tools, including Adobe Analytics, Sizmek, and even server-side platforms for mobile and web app tracking.

Organizations can also face regulatory compliance challenges with their analytics and data tracking setup, such as PII protection, CCPA data privacy, and GDPR compliance. We offer experience helping clients identify and overcome complex regulatory requirements when other agencies can't.

The real difference maker is our team's ability to design and deploy analytics strategies that don't rely on out-of-the-box templates and standardized models. Where automated analytics audits and boilerplate checklists fail to fit the bill, our hands-on approach provides an edge that truly delivers on your needs, and your ROI. 

Complete Google Analytics & Tag Manager Audit Services

For most businesses, an “out of the box” implementation of a Google Analytics account won’t get you far. Beyond the need to set up events, goals, and eCommerce tracking - in both Google Analytics (GA) or Google Tag Manager (GTM) - your business may need to audit tracking issues, or may want to set up more advanced tracking for actions that are unique to your business. 

When you are ready to take your analytics package to the next level and gain actionable insights, our years of hands-on experience can help. Learn more about our detailed Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager audit service offering below.

In-depth Google Analytics Audits & Debugging

Are you getting meaningful insights from your Google Analytics data? Find and resolve tracking issues and flawed data that’s disrupting your ability to measure and report key findings. Get peace of mind knowing that your Google Analytics tracking is actually working properly and supporting your team’s objectives.

In-depth Google Tag Manager Audits & Debugging

Google Tag Manager tracking issues are common. Improper setup, incorrect filter settings, customization errors, and tags not firing are just a few regular problems that can prevent you from seeing data. We can get GTM set up correctly in the first place and ensure that it’s performing properly.

KPI Tracking & Data Collection

If you want to be able to track progress against your Key Performance Indicators, but aren't comfortable with the technical implementation required to do so, we can help deploy the right measures to make it happen, including:

  • Custom Event tracking
  • Goal & Funnel tracking
  • eCommerce & Enhanced eCommerce tracking

Google Analytics Health Audit

Analytics health audits cover fundamental Admin Setup, Account Settings, Property Settings, and View Settings support, which may include the following:

  • Analytics code verification
  • Bot filtering & other custom filters
  • Site search tracking
  • Blocking of specific URL query parameters (for needs as defined by the business)
  • Cross-domain tracking & subdomain tracking
  • Blocking self-referrals
  • Custom Dimensions
  • Custom Channel Groupings & Content Groupings
  • Custom tracking (UTM) URLs for channel and campaign tracking from PPC, Social Media, Email, and other digital media
  • Account linking (e.g. share data with Google Search Console, Google Ads, etc.)

Advanced Analytics Tracking & Custom Data Reporting

Based on your business's tracking and reporting objectives, we can set up advanced goals and tracking (with or without a tag management solution). With custom analytics data reporting, we can help your team access meaningful insights to help guide your strategies, such as inbound traffic, user-paths/conversion paths, or ad-hoc, laser-focused reporting based on specific client/stakeholder needs.

Google Data Studio Reporting Setup

Always client-owned and accessible 24/7, we provide customized Data Studio reporting builds which involve creating dedicated templates that align to your goals and unify your team. Utilize our recommended reporting dashboards or get professional support in building your own personalized Scorecard. A relevant reporting dashboard can inspire action at any stage, whether you're course-correcting traffic declines or assembling an SEO roadmap strategy

Analytics Audits for Collaborative Alignment & Impactful Data Tracking

Whether you're tracking data across a single web app or multiple domains, we provide senior-level consulting and execution capabilities tailored specifically to your company. Our analytics audit services begin with a thorough understanding of your business and its primary objectives. And we seek to establish collaborative alignment with your team and ensure data is being tracked and interpreted in ways that are impactful toward your goals. Get in touch with our team to learn more about how we can help.

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