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Published on: 
July 20, 2021
Updated on: 
January 15, 2024
Tory Gray
Tory Gray
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Begüm Kaya

We all need trusted templates - whether it's a resourceful checklist to ensure we're not forgetting anything or a new format that improves our existing SEO processes.

In the vast spectrum of SEO, templates are especially useful in guiding processes that can oftentimes be very detail-oriented and multifaceted, such as reporting, auditing, planning, and maintenance.  

You've already seen our SEO Resources; here's our list of digital marketing & SEO templates to help you optimize better and faster today!

Notes on what we've included, and why: 

  • High-quality, vetted templates: where possible, we're only including template links that we've personally used & enjoyed, or come to us highly recommended by experts we trust in the SEO community.
  • Free & freely available templates: we've prioritized templates that don't require money, an email address, or personal user data to access. Those currently listed will be replaced over time with freely available resources as we find them.
  • Uniquely valuable templates: we're aiming to feature templates that help us explore (and practice) SEO in new and better ways, so those templates & guides that prove original value & new perspectives are more likely to be included.

SEO Reporting Templates

Any successful SEO campaign hinges on measuring relevant performance metrics and communicating how well those metrics are performing. Leveraging the right reporting templates takes all guesswork out of the equation.

Create a meaningful dashboard of the metrics that matter to your business with these SEO reporting templates.

Proper reporting is fundamental in guiding your SEO strategy. These templates provide a huge leap forward in tracking meaningful performance metrics while helping you pinpoint and audit potential bottlenecks as they arise.

GDS/Looker Studio Analytics Audit Report
Google Analytics Audit Report - Looker Studio

SEO Technical Audit Templates

Technical SEO is undoubtedly one of the most perplexing components that digital marketing professionals struggle to grasp. But it doesn't have to be.

Make sure you check all the Tech SEO boxes with these checklists and guides.

Whether you're assembling a website migration strategy to mitigate SEO risk or embracing international SEO to facilitate growth in new markets, technical SEO is integral to a high-performing website.  

Don't let a broken website dilute your SEO and content marketing efforts. Prioritizing Tech SEO will have a trickle-down effect that disseminates value to virtually all aspects of your website and its marketing potential.    

Screaming Frog Crawl Overview Template - JavaScript Report
Javascript Error Report Tab on the Screaming Frog SEO Tech Audit Template

Content Marketing Templates

Content marketing is the cornerstone of an honest SEO strategy that drives traffic and moves the needle. It's the mechanism that generates interest and attracts link equity. It's the glue the holds everything together.

But content marketing takes many shapes, and in turn, requires a high level of research, planning, and organization. Take advantage of these process-specific content marketing templates to help you extract relevant data and extrapolate those insights into creative SEO and content strategies.  

Keyword Research and Matrix Templates

Find keywords and organize them in a Matrix for better clarity on what content you have, and which landing pages are going after what target keywords. This way you can carry out your on-page SEO and craft your metadata in a more organized fashion - with less risk of cannibalizing your content.

Although keyword research seems like an analytical process for the left-brained, there's actually quite a bit of creativity involved. See our post on the Art of Keyword Selection to better understand the different types of keywords and how user intent affects your overall decision-making.  

search intent classifier report
Search Intent Classifier Report - Looker Studio

Content Brief Templates

Create better strategic content for your search engine optimization efforts by researching & organizing all the information for a specific topic - all in one place. Well-planned content leads to better keyword rankings!

Not only are content briefs essential SEO templates that inspire creativity and instruct action, but they're an effective communication tool that keeps everyone on the same page.  

Content Calendar Templates

Part role delegation, part publishing schedule - content calendar templates are vital across all channels of the digital marketing spectrum.

Organize who will create what piece of content, and when it will be published, in a well-articulated Content Calendar.

Both posting frequency and post timing are controllable variables that should not go overlooked. Use a content calendar template as a tool to support your overarching SEO roadmap, and add a layer of ownership and accountability to your execution team.  

Content Audit Templates

Content audits are often subjective activities riddled with multiple perspectives and conflicting POVs. Making use of content audit templates helps ensure auditing processes are focused and outcomes are failproof.

Improve your site's rankings through a data-driven, organized process of evaluating existing content for improvement or removal.

A regular content audit can work wonders for a website, especially when traffic is down. Learn more about how to investigate traffic drops and determine the cause.

Competition Analysis Templates

Organic search results are, well - relative! Getting a leg up on your competition requires knowing who and what to look for, all while keeping your findings organized and actionable.  

Make sure you understand the lay of the land with these competitive audit templates.

There's more that goes into analyzing the competition than what meets the eye. While deep crawls and content analyses are important, peeling the onion on your competitors' backlink profiles can offer a wealth of SEO insight.

competitive core vitals report
Core Vitals Competition Report - Looker Studio

There's a reason why quality backlinks are often viewed as pure gold in the SEO community. Few things propel a site's rankings faster than relevant, authoritative backlinks, and many of them.

Improve your SEO efforts through understanding and improving the quality & quantity of backlinks.

Conveying findings from a thorough backlink analysis is no easy task. This is why leveraging link building templates can streamline this otherwise cumbersome, yet crucial, aspect of SEO.

SEO Maintenance Templates

If there's one misconception about search engine optimization, it's that SEO is a set it and forget it undertaking. That notion couldn't be further from the truth.

Stay on top of your website maintenance procedures and clean up your SEO Technical Debt with these helpful guides, which outline what tasks need to be done on what cadence.

If the idea of SEO maintenance is headache-inducing, or a website has been long neglected to the point of overwhelm, we can equip your team. Reach out!

SEO Roadmap Templates

Whether you're a startup or enterprise business, these SEO Roadmaps help you better define the tactics for your SEO strategy - and align them with the goals of your organization.

SEO Roadmaps are vital for streamlining all of your SEO projects while keeping team members on the same page. Consider it the essential blueprints to guiding your journey toward better search visibility.

Local SEO Templates

Local SEO is an entirely different beast in the grand scheme of search engine optimization. Not only are local search ranking factors subject to speculation and constant change, but the effort in keeping tabs on the local search landscape is a full-time job.

From fixing and building citations to monitoring and generating reviews, there are unique considerations involved with local SEO versus traditional organic SEO strategies.  

Move up the local SERPs and local pack with these guides.

Local SEO can be challenging if you don’t know what you are doing. Take advantage of these audit guides and checklist templates to minimize confusion and keep yourself on track.

Even More SEO Templates

SEO is vast - and wide. It's also dense with overlapping roles and channels, where developer duties merge with SEO, and SEO duties merge with content creators and social media marketers.  

Here are some additional templates we've personally found to be valuable - that don't fit neatly into the above categories.

SEO is all about organization. And even seasoned professionals use free SEO templates, checklists, and guides to keep organized and make their jobs easier.

We hope this compilation of SEO-related templates is useful as you grow your organic search traffic! If you need help from an SEO Agency, contact us to learn more.

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