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Our board member & silent partner, Colin Gray, is a prolific programmer. When not working full-time at Shopify, Colin is often building nerdy solutions to everyday business and software problems. Find a few of these outlined below, and see them all on his GitHub account.


A terminal application framework based on The Elm Architecture (aka TEA).  Similar in spirit to React. Find Ashen on GitHub.


A custom keyboard firmware, inspired after using and contributing to QMK, but written in C++ and largely plugin-based. Find Mechy on GitHub.


The zenburn color scheme for most modern text editors, especially Sublime Text. Find Zenburn on GitHub.

Plywood & Chomsky (Not Production Ready)

A very elegant programming language that outputs HTML code, but looks like Python code. Chomsky is a “grammar/parser” built to support Plywood. Find Plywood and Chomsky on GitHub.

Sublime Text Plugins

  • FileDiffs: Super useful.  Compare the current file or selection with the saved version, the clipboard, another tab, another file, or compare two selections.
  • Calculate: Select a formula and evaluate it using python. Once you get the hang of using it with multiple selections, you can treat this like a quick, one-time-use-programmers’ spreadsheet.
  • ChangeQuotes: Quickly switch from double to single (to backtick, back to double…) quotes.
  • Mark-and-Move: For more unique situations where you are using multiple cursors. For instance, changing many blocks of code in similar ways. Mark your selections, then move through them one by one or all at once.
  • StringEncode: Encode text using HTML entities, or URL-encoding, or base64, or just escape a JSON string.
  • SimpleMovements: Kind of a grab bag of tools for moving the cursor. Very specific to my own taste.
  • QuickFind: A very simple forward or backward case-insensitive search that doesn’t change out your currently cached “Find”.
  • Bracketeer: Another opinionated plugin for dealing with curly, round, square brackets (and any characters that “match”, like <>, triple-quotes, etc)
  • TransposeCharacter: The default Sublime Text “ctrl+t” command is bonkers to me.  This is a simple one.  But also transposes lines if the caret is at the beginning or end of the line.
  • MoveText: “Drag” text selections around using arrow keys (⌘⌃← moves the text one character to the left).


Strangecase is a static site generatorwritten in Python supporting heavy customization intended almost exclusively for its author’s own edification.

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