Years of experience writing code and leading software teams has presented me with a broad range of software architectures – from dumpster fire to ivory tower. If you have existing applications and you need assistance understanding the code or planning new features, or managing a large refactor, I can augment your team with software design and architecture tips, and on-going code review to make sure the quality is maintained.


Detailed Consulting Offerings

  • Code Quality: Code audits, quality checking, and on-going reviews to make sure your application is never becoming burdened with hastily written code.

  • Architecture and Design: I think that the best software design also needs to make a nod to pragmatism. Great software design isn’t so worth anything when it hinders getting work done, but it’s also all-too-easy to “write first and ask questions later.” It’s never too late to add good software design to an application, and sometimes refactoring a sprawing code base is as easy as breaking the code up into more easily testable components, which can be accomplished in just a few days.

  • Project Management: Sometimes all that’s needed is for someone to help prioritize features, measure progress, and help reduce bottlenecks. I can also identify poorly designed UI and UX and help slow down feature bloat.