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Equip Your Team with In-house SEO Coaching.

In an abstract space like SEO, practical knowledge pays dividends in earning a competitive edge. Either through learning, consulting, or a combination of the two, we bring both capability and clarity to the dynamic, multidimensional world of SEO.

At The Gray Dot Company, our SEO experts support your team's growth by providing advanced SEO coaching and training services, including in-person or remote (webinar) hands-on meetings with tailor-made training collateral. Ensure your digital marketing team has the skills and knowledge to execute your SEO strategy and take ownership of your website's organic traffic.

The vast spectrum of professional SEO training courses presents countless options for those looking to level up their SEO capabilities. But no video training course or webinar presentation matches the quality of learning that can be leveraged with a custom, in-house SEO training program designed specifically for your team.

Whether you’re adding SEO to your current marketing team’s arsenal, optimizing entry-level talent, or needing expert reinforcement for specialized projects, we accommodate SEO training and coaching to suit your needs now, all while adapting to your demands as your team evolves into the future. Get the ball rolling today and get in touch with us, or learn more about our offerings below. 

Advanced SEO Training Tailored To Your Challenges

There are plenty of free training videos, ebooks, and online resources that teach the basics of SEO. But for marketing professionals and in-house teams who need to elevate their capacity to deliver professional SEO services or support internal projects, investing in advanced SEO training can accelerate the learning process, especially as it pertains to your project demands. 

Never a one-size-fits-all program, The Gray Dot Company’s SEO training and coaching services are tailored towards:

  • Dedicated in-house teams (FTEs and PTEs alike) who want to grow their SEO skills and diversify their digital marketing specialties
  • Growing digital teams where SEO is projected to be a pivotal driver for growth
  • Organizations that are onboarding new (often junior) team members who need a solid baseline to grow from
  • Established SEO agencies who need better training or mentorship for their teams
  • Who are entrepreneurs/small business owners and want to own the execution of their digital marketing and SEO strategy themselves, but need hands-on strategic SEO coaching as they learn and grow in their SEO skills

Let us help turn your SEO weaknesses into growth-enabling opportunities. From specific skills in local and technical SEO to operational challenges with onboarding and training, we craft SEO training and coaching services to match the current and anticipated needs of your organization.

Detailed SEO Training/Coaching Offerings

As businesses evolve, so do the digital marketing teams that support them. Our SEO training and coaching offerings are rooted in flexibility and changing scale as your business needs it. 

In some cases, managing the human resources side of SEO recruiting presents the greatest challenge. In other instances, companies need the most help with resource allocation and hands-on training. Rarely is there a one-size-fits-all solution, and that’s where we come in. 

Role Scoping / Tool Alignment 

In alignment with your broader digital marketing strategy, should the skills gap on your team be filled by a person, a tool, or an agency? If it needs to be filled by a person, should that hire be an FTE, PTE, or a freelancer? 

As part of role scoping and aligning the right SEO tools with your team, we can help you answer these questions and get “the right butts in the right seats”.

Role Definition

On-page SEO, technical SEO, local SEO, and content marketing - all of these SEO-sub sectors require unique skill sets and distinct right/left brain capacities. Our experts can help you overcome challenges in defining integral roles that make up your team.

SEO Hiring Support & Coaching

Hiring to fill both entry-level and advanced SEO roles can be major hurdles in building your dream team. Need help vetting resumes and deciding between high-quality candidates? No problem. When you need to hire SEO talent, we can help guide your recruiting efforts, such as figuring out the hard and soft skills to look for, which interview questions to ask, and how to vet job candidates. That’s why we’re here.

Digital Strategy Consulting & Training

For most businesses, SEO is often one component of a greater digital strategy, which may include content marketing, social media, email marketing, and paid media. But seldomly are these channels mutually exclusive. Not only is it important to create strategic alignment across different channels, but it's also critical that your entire team is motivated and empowered to learn and execute.

In doing so, we equip your team with the support they need to succeed in learning SEO and executing on your key objectives. In-house SEO training can be in-person or virtual. All training collateral is provided custom for you, in alignment with your online marketing and SEO strategy.

Training for SEO Agencies

No doubt, the SEO profession is in high demand with no signs of slowing down. SEO agencies that can scale successfully often have effective training systems in place. But in many cases, this is often the greatest bottleneck to growing a thriving SEO team. Our vast experience providing SEO training and consulting, combined with an extensive background in the agency environment, equips your team with the knowledge and tools to deliver on your clients.   

In-depth SEO Coaching & Training

Do you (or your team) need technical SEO training? Does your copywriting team want coaching for on-page SEO? We can tailor SEO training and coaching services to fit the specific needs of the team and its individual members to help them tackle all your marketing challenges.

Previous SEO Training Courses We've Run 

From big-picture SEO strategy to highly specialized technical SEO training, we’ve delivered advanced courses on many aspects of search engine optimization and the various channels that overlap, including: 

  • Search Engine Optimization 101: Intro to the SEO Basics of How Search Engines Work
  • Technical SEO 101
  • Local SEO 101
  • Google Analytics 101
  • On-Page Optimization 101
  • SEO Strategy 101
  • SEO for eCommerce
  • International SEO 101
  • Digital Marketing Strategy 101 (this course focuses specifically on channel overlaps and how to build efficiencies into your processes across digital channels, including email and social media).

Always Custom SEO Coaching & Consulting 

SEO is an art and science that involves a number of processes, ranging from research and analysis to creation and implementation. As an experienced SEO consulting firm that staffs many talented experts, we provide custom SEO coaching to help guide you and your team through the many facets of executing a search marketing strategy.

  • Keyword Research & Site Mapping (extracting relevant keyword data and determining how those keywords will be used to support your site’s SEO strategy).
  • Content Marketing Strategy (setting up a content calendar, doing content ideation, creating content briefs, doing keyword research, organizing the process, etc.)
  • Technical SEO (integrating structured data markup, SEO migrations, improving site load speed, and fixing technical issues that may be hindering your site’s SEO performance).
  • Advanced SEO training (scaling content production, link building, technical SEO, and paid media across larger teams).

We also build customized SEO courses that are designed to:

  • Review the results of your website's technical audit, backlink audit, and competitive analysis.
  • Review and train team members on common CMS systems, specifically including Wordpress, Expression Engine, Craft Commerce, and Shopify.
  • Review and train team members on common SEO tools, specifically including Moz, Ahrefs, Google Analytics, Google Search Console & SEMRush

It doesn't matter if your digital team is ten experts deep with seasoned experience or is currently under construction with SEO on the horizon. The vastness of search engine marketing leaves many areas of improvement on the table. Combine the perpetually evolving dynamics of Google Search and SEO best practices, and there are ample reasons to never stop learning.

Equip your team with professional SEO training and coaching services that facilitate impactful results in the areas your business needs it the most.

SEO training requires a custom quote to fit to your organization's needs. For SEO mentorships, our typical engagements are pre-paid and purchased ($1500 flat rate) in 5 hour blocks, to be allocated over time as you see fit. That typically looks like:

  • 5 one (1) hour long sessions, held bi-weekly or monthly
  • 10 half (.5) hour long sessions, bi-weekly or monthly

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