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While tech, data, and SEO are core components of our work, our capabilities in content strategy go beyond growing search visibility and organic traffic. At The Gray Dot Company, we specialize in content strategy consulting for teams looking to step up their game and earn greater results from their work. We offer content marketing audit solutions to evaluate performance and identify major improvements opportunities, as well as creation and execution services to bring ideas to life.

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Web Content Strategy Process

Despite being a process-oriented practice, content strategy is a creative endeavor that’s unique to every project. From data and ideation to creation and distribution, good content marketing is the byproduct of working creatively with what you know and what resources you have to work with. 

When it comes to content marketing strategy for blogs, websites, and other digital platforms, we can help elevate your team’s capacity to generate data-backed ideas and impactful outcomes. In addition to growing organic visibility, we also look for ways to improve user experience, fix errors and issues, and drive more conversions. Here are some of the key ingredients of our web content strategy process.

Research, Data, & Analysis

The processes involving research, data, and discovery provide the building blocks to SEO/UX-friendly content frameworks. In the same manner search data can help define the information architecture of a site, research and analysis are the groundwork that drives related processes, like content audits, ideation, and planning. Our content strategy services are deeply immersed in search data and user research and research, and it’s in that immersion where creative (and measurable) ideas are discovered.

Strategic Content Ideation

Ideation is a natural extension of research and analysis, often inspired by compelling data, competitive/SERP analysis, and other forms of strategic insight. Topic selection and brainstorming ideas demand a high level of creative output and right-brained thinking. In turn, what truly defines sustaining, rank-worthy content is creative, non-generic ideas executed to world-class quality standards. Simply put, we help teams actualize the best ideas that intentionally support their SEO, content, and overall growth strategy. 

Content Strategy Planning

Parallel with ideation and topic selection, the content planning phase plays an important role in executing efficiently, clearly, and thoroughly. Content planning pays dividends in maximizing the results from your work, whether it involves anticipating annual search trends or scheduling content briefs to support brand objectives. As part of our content strategy services, we can help build a strategic roadmap that defines new topics and content opportunities. Audits and refreshes are also a part of the content strategy planning stage. 

Content Creation Strategy

The underlying basis for turning plans into action, a content creation strategy defines the resources and expectations of how content will be produced. This stage requires a firm grasp of a team’s content creation capabilities, like who’s owning what responsibilities, and where gaps need to be filled. From briefing writers and designers to allocating in-house vs freelance support, the intention of this stage is to bring clarity and direction behind the tools, process, and talent that will execute the content strategy.    

Content Strategy Audit

Oftentimes brands and their teams will have a content strategy in place, whether it involves blogging, white papers, portfolio pieces, or other aspects of the site.

When performance suffers or direction has lost its aim, we can audit historic content to pinpoint refresh opportunities and best practice faults.

Our content audit services look at both the big picture strategy as well as the more granular specifics. We approach discovery audits using a combination of content auditing tools to identify top/target pages, keyword performance, and find new opportunities. We also manually review content to assess quality, E-A-T, user experience, SEO, and other glaring improvements. Our consultants are also savvy in factoring-in tech SEO implications that can also impact content performance, like load speed, Schema, and internal linking.  

Content Marketing Strategy Services

A brand’s content marketing strategy should emphasize its core competencies, target goals and objectives, and long-term content creation capabilities. There’s never a one-size-fits-all solution. As content strategy consultants, we help teams at various levels of maturity grow beyond their means by elevating their content and SEO efforts. Below are some of the project applications and industry verticals that shape our content marketing strategy services.

SEO Content Strategy

Fundamental to what we do, SEO content strategy offers a limitless way to improve search visibility, organic traffic, and link acquisition (and in some cases thought leadership and reputation management, too). The SEO intention is rooted in leveraging keyword data, search trends, and common questions as a way to get in front of targeted, active searchers looking for your answers and your solutions. 

In most scenarios, SEO content strategy is a months-long approach that thrives on informative, value-add content. The type of stuff that’s attention-grabbing, in-depth, heavily researched, and/or photogenic. Simply put, SEO content strategy is about creating engaging, high-ranking assets (e.g. pages, blog posts, photos, graphics, etc.) that sustainably grow and support your SEO (among other channels) over time. 

Blog Content Strategy

Oftentimes overlapping into SEO projects, a blog content strategy can include a combination of keyword-inspired topics and other creative ideas that align with brand objectives or user interests. Blogs provide a place for continuous content creation and perpetual SEO growth. As part of our content strategy consulting services, we can help research, ideate, and plan a blog content strategy based on your brand's goals, pain points, product/service features, or other audience-related ideas. 

eCommerce Content Strategy

Online retail is one of the most competitive and saturated spaces to gain visibility and drive in-market traffic. Content marketing offers a powerful channel to break through the clutter, especially for growing eComm stores looking to compete with the big brands. Whether by way of product review videos, inspiring photography, educational blog posts, or a combination of formats, the creative possibilities of eCommerce content strategy are abundant with opportunity. Our consultants can guide your strategic content marketing efforts and help your team garner the most from your investment.

B2B Content Strategy

A successful B2B content strategy starts with a deep understanding of your target customers and their primary pain points. The best strategies often focus on solving their most pressing problems, which in turn, gives a notion of reciprocity, trust, and value-add. Rooted in concepts like E-A-T, content utility, and resourcefulness, your B2B content strategy should prompt target customers to learn more about doing business with you over your competitors.

SaaS Content Strategy 

Content marketing for SaaS brands takes different shapes compared to other industries and verticals. Software as a Service involves selling technology and services, so there's often a lot of information detail and education involved in promoting both the value of the product and the support behind it. Formats like blogs, case studies, market research, eBooks, videos, and podcasts can all play a role in a SaaS content strategy. Our services can be customized to help your team determine the topics and format mix that will most resonate with target users.

Tech/Startup Content Strategy

Startups, whether in the tech space or other sectors, can often benefit the most from having a cohesive content strategy in place. Not only can content marketing drive SEO and organic growth, but it can add cross-channel value in fueling social media engagement, thought leadership, and brand reputation. Unlike paid media and other conventional digital channels, content strategy has low barrier entry and offers an accessible means to build momentum without requiring a 5-figure marketing budget. We help startups extract the most from their means with highly-targeted, growth-minded content strategy services. 

Thought Leadership Strategy

Content marketing for thought leadership is one of the most impactful ways to position your brand, the people behind it, and what it stands for. Producing thought leadership content involves more than just having an opinion. Combined with elements like E-A-T, personal narratives, data storytelling, industry analysis, leadership tone, and voice, the idea of thought leadership is designed to build trust, utility, and authority in your brand. Our content strategy consulting services can shape the trajectory of your work by bolstering your brand and its team as valued industry thought leaders.

Content Strategy Services That Support Sustainable Growth

Of all the components that make up a brand’s digital presence, content strategy is the glue that holds everything together and unifies your marketing plan. The ultimate brand asset is content that generates traffic organically and builds trust in your target audience. People want to believe in brands they support. By producing content that speaks to who you are, what you believe, and how you provide value - you can continue to cultivate trust, authenticity, and credibility with your target audience as well as with search engines.

To learn more about our content strategy services and SEO copywriting solutions, contact our team and get the discussion started.Both an art and science, our content strategy services take data and analytical insights and help turn them into tangible SEO assets - and results. We provide tailor-made content strategy services for a wide range of projects and industry verticals. From tech startups looking to rapidly grow their brands to B2B companies aiming to position as thought leaders, content strategy serves many vital functions and comes in many different forms.

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