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Confidently leverage and profit from paid media platforms.

Let's be real, Pay Per Click (PPC) can feel like a puzzle to figure out. It's one thing to throw money into the advertising machines and hope it pays off. It's another to confidently leverage and profit from paid media platforms - like Google, Microsoft/Bing, Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter  - and achieve a sustainable ROI. 

At The Gray Dot Company, our PPC consulting services are tailored to take the guesswork out of the equation, both strategically and executionally. We get that digital advertising, in all of its many forms, can be a maze to navigate, especially when running ads across multiple platforms.

From paid search consulting for Google Ads to PPC audit services on social media networks, we offer a range of capabilities in helping clients make PPC work for their performance marketing objectives and enabling them to achieve a positive ROAS. 

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Paid Search | PPC Audits | PPC Strategy | PPC Management | Dashboarding

Next to ranking in organic search, the paid search landscape provides targeted marketing real estate for any brand or business. PPC search ads can help bridge the gap in a competitive playing field while helping to produce stronger visibility and generate growth-enabling traffic. 

But realizing success with paid search, in both Google and Bing, hinges on overcoming common barriers and campaign inefficiencies that can cripple performance. From diminished quality scores and conversion drop-offs to increased CPCs and heightened competitive pressures that drive up bid prices, search advertising comes with constant challenges that automated software can't always solve.

This is where paid search consulting can offer a strategic solution to overcome those barriers and build positive momentum toward stronger returns. As experienced paid search consultants who are deeply immersed in platforms like Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, we're intimately familiar with the many nuances that advertisers face. 

Whether you're struggling to operate a profitable PPC account or face strategic challenges on how to effectively scale, we equip teams with the tools, processes, and know-how to make paid search work and work really well.

PPC Audit Services 

Despite being a hyper-targeted way to reach targeted audiences, PPC advertising is notorious for mixed outcomes and failed campaigns. If you suspect your PPC advertising campaign to be churning ad spend without producing sufficient ROI, it pays to have a PPC consultant investigate and evaluate performance to pinpoint areas of deficiency. 

As either a stand-alone investigation service or a discovery step to a greater program, we specialize in PPC audit services across many types of accounts and advertising platforms, including:

  • Google Search, Shopping, & Display Ads
  • Microsoft Advertising Search (Bing) & Display
  • Social Media Ads on Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIn, & Twitter
  • Programmatic Ad Platforms
  • Analytics Audit Services & Advanced Data Tracking

Every platform comes with its own set of complexities and learning curves. Add to the mix unique objectives with each campaign (especially cross-channel PPC campaigns), and the operability of a successful PPC program becomes a full-time effort. 

At The Gray Dot Company, we take a transparent approach in offering adaptive and impactful PPC audit services that hone your weaknesses while playing to your strengths. We’ve been there before – crippling quality scores, ads not showing, high bounce rates, and nobody’s converting – and we’re passionate about showing the reasons why. We empathize with teams who struggle to get a firm grasp on their PPC and we seek to reverse the sentiment with actionable and measurable guidance.

PPC Strategy Consulting 

Driven by data and brought to life by creativity, your PPC strategy is an actionable blueprint that reflects the target outcomes of your business and brand. The process begins by defining the goals and KPIs behind the strategy, and later assembling the campaign framework, bidding/targeting strategies, optimization activities, analytics tracking, and reporting demands.

Fundamental to our PPC consulting services, we help brands leverage data and analytics to see the greater outlook of their PPC strategy. In doing so, we define key opportunities and action items aimed to address major obstacles and achieve your target goals/KPIs. We offer vast experience in many different PPC platforms and industry verticals alike. Below are some of the most in-demand areas that we serve.

eCommerce PPC Strategy

In a widely competitive playing field, a well-planned eCommerce PPC strategy is a must. From Google Shopping and Dynamic Search Ads to remarketing and display ads, we consult retailers on the best ways to increase product visibility and sales. We also help eCommerce brands with advanced needs, like cross-domain tracking, custom dashboarding, and multi-channel digital strategies.

B2B PPC Strategy

B2B markets offer the greatest potential for PPC advertising. Not only are audiences often more concentrated compared to B2C, but B2B professionals are in an active mindset when seeking solutions via search. In turn, the targeting capabilities and conversion potential with B2B PPC strategy are significant. Let our consultants audit, optimize, and grow your PPC efforts, whether you’re using paid search, LinkedIn ads, or retargeting and Display ads.   

PPC Lead Gen Strategy

PPC advertising is a highly effective way for businesses and websites to support their lead generation strategy. Not only must your targeting be on point, but your lead gen funnel needs to be a cohesive and seamless user experience. Defining the inner workings of the lead gen strategy is one thing. But making improvements in load speed, site security, and conversion rate optimization are additional considerations to help make the most of your advertising expense. 

PPC Analytics Strategy

Your PPC strategy is only as good as your ability to measure, track, and understand how well it’s performing. For teams that rely on data and storytelling, we provide custom analytics dashboards that provide an intuitive and accessible way to see how well PPC and other digital channels are performing. Our platform-agnostic team can adapt to virtually any analytics platform and establish the means to objectively measure targeted reporting metrics and marketing objectives.

SEO & PPC Strategy

It’s quite common for businesses and brands to leverage both organic SEO and PPC advertising together as part of a greater search marketing strategy. Paid search can be a powerful supplement to SEO and vice versa. Not only does PPC offer a testing ground to evaluate keywords’ conversion potential (before investing long-term into SEO), but using SEO and PPC strategy together can help multiply a brand’s search visibility, ultimately increasing net conversions and reducing your total costs. 

Wherever your audience can be found, and whatever platforms enable your brand to reach them, our PPC consulting services can help bring greater meaning and efficacy to your overall strategy. Learn more about how our consultants can help by contacting us.

PPC Management Services

In addition to PPC account audits and strategy development, we can help take the reins by managing your PPC campaigns in an ongoing program. With continuous improvement and cost-efficiency top of mind, our PPC management services are rooted in rigorous data analysis and optimization. We also specialize in creative aspects of PPC management, like copywriting, design, and split-testing of both ad creative and landing pages. 

Google Analytics PPC Dashboarding

Although Google Analytics is the most common tool for PPC dashboarding, we also provide custom analytics dashboards with platforms like Google Data Studio, Tableau, Domo, and PowerBI. We help teams turn data into meaningful reports that foster storytelling and collaboration. Out-of-the-box analytics tools and templates will only get you so far in creating custom reports. For teams with advanced analytics and reporting requirements, acquiring a comprehensive and accurate understanding of user behavior and campaign performance is critical to turn information into action. We’re here to help.

Whether your immediate needs are auditing, strategy consulting, or management, we’re here to make PPC work for your business. Get in touch to learn more. 

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