Link Building Strategy

Formulate the Best Link Building Strategy

Building links to your website is critical... and really hard. Too many link building services from SEO agencies focus on all guest blogging, all the time, with no rhyme or reason or research into the kinds of links - or amount of links - your site needs to build in order to reach your business goals via referral traffic AND organic search engine traffic.

The Gray Dot Company’s Link Building Strategy services can help.

Detailed Link Building Strategy Service Offerings

  • Link Building Audits: Competitive research to understand what gaps and opportunities are present for your web pages relative to your core online competitors - for the keywords you need to rank more highly for. Our backlink profile audits give insights into what kinds of links you need to build at what frequency, and therefore help determine the relevancy of the various link building tactics we could engage in to improve your search rankings.
  • Link Building Strategy Documentation: Based on the findings of the Link Building Audit, we’ll determine the best way to grow the right kinds of links - quality backlinks that can actually help grow your online presence. This provides the framework for a tactical execution plan.
  • Link Building Consulting: We’ll coordinate with existing vendors - generally your Public Relations firm - to maximize the link building ROI on your existing PR efforts.
  • SEO Strategy Documentation: Creation of a comprehensive strategy in support of your growth goals, which takes advantage of your business’s strengths and unique selling points. It also considers the stats that matter, including anchor text, Domain Authority (DA), and link context (e.g. .edu and .gov domains)
  • Link Building Campaigns: The Gray Dot Company is not a one-stop-link building-shop; rather, we provide strategic direction, training as necessary (learn more about that below) and optional execution support on the following types of white hat link building methods. Which methods we’ll recommend for you will vary, and are determined by the auditing & strategic documentation process. Important: We do not provide any black hat/spammy services that could get you a Google penalty.
  • Digital PR: Add link building-DNA to your PR efforts, either proactively and/or opportunistically (HARO link building)
  • Content Marketing Strategy, Planning & Creation: Build link-worthy quality content, and let your website do your link building heavy lifting for you. Content creation may can include strategic content (blogging), infographics, videos, white papers, press releases and more.
  • (Worthy) Directory Link Building
  • Local Citation Building
  • Community Link Building: Local or industry-specific focused quality links.
  • Social Media/Influencer Strategy
  • Guest Posting/Blogging: Working with bloggers can still work! So long as it's high-quality content, with a strong focus on driving referral traffic from qualified, relevant sites (e.g. sites where your target audience already hangs out.)
  • Broken Link Building
  • Internal Link Building
  • Link Building Tool, Employee & Vendor Selection, and Training: If you prefer to execute the Backlink Building Strategy in-house, we can support your efforts through helping you set up the right mix of link building tools, employees and/or freelancers, providing training & consulting in a way that fits your budget and link acquisition strategy.
  • Assessment & Rating: Measure the success of the Link Building Strategy’s execution (via goals & KPIs, and likely Google Analytics & Google Search Console,) to ensure it’s performing to expectations. Apply these iterative learnings and continue to increase your business’s growth curve.
  • Ongoing SEO Consulting & Digital Marketing Services: Supporting the internal team as needed for strategy and execution course corrections, and ongoing SEO training. Execution support as needed / time allows.

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We’ll help teach, mastermind, and carry out SEO roadmaps that check all the boxes.