Content Marketing & SEO Copywriting Services

Amplify Your Strategic Content Marketing & SEO Copywriting Efforts

There's more to the Search Engine Optimization puzzle than good Technical SEO and a solid Link Building Strategy; high-quality content that delivers tangible business results from valuable customers is another critical pillar.

The Gray Dot Company can help you launch a new content program; evaluate, improve & scale the content you already have; and ensure it’s all well-grounded in an effective SEO framework.

Keyword Strategy & SEO Copywriting Services

  • Keyword Research & Strategy: Do you know what keywords you’d like to rank for, and which pages on your site should be optimized for them? (You’d be surprised how often this is a no!) A good keyword strategy should be:
  • Grounded in data
  • Well-aligned with your brand, and the needs of your target audience
  • Clearly organized (via a Keyword Matrix)
  • Executed effectively through the organization of your website, internal linking, and on-page optimization.
  • SEO Copywriting Services: Build SEO optimization into the DNA of your site’s copy with The Gray Dot Company's copywriters. We can support the organization and writing of the following types of web copy:
  • eCommerce Product and Category pages (rank more highly while improving the user experience and conversion rate)
  • Evergreen Content (blogging)
  • Press Releases
  • Case Studies & White Papers
  • Standard Web Content, including Service Pages & Landing Pages
  • On-page Optimization: Review and improve existing copy & on-page elements (titles, descriptions, headers, alt tags, internal/external backlinks etc.) for SEO opportunities.
  • Content Audits: Evaluate the existing content on your website against core SEO & business metrics: traffic, conversions, external links, and more. Use this data to help you identify which content is underperforming so you can prune it or improve it. Then outline which content is performing well, and why, so you can replicate that success elsewhere.

Strategic Content Planning Services

  • Content Marketing Strategy Documentation:  Get help defining the game plan (that is, the who/what/where/when/why of your content), ensure it clearly aligns with your overall business & brand strategy and goals, while also leveraging your content for ALL your digital marketing channels, including email marketing and social media.
  • E-A-T Audits: Are your content writers sending the right signals to Google and other search engines about their expertise, authority, and trust in relation to your core subject matter? Today more than ever, E-A-T matters - to the users driving your website traffic, and to Google.
  • Content Ideation + a Content Calendar: If you need help figuring out what to write about, we can help support the research process with a data-grounded approach, plus a plan & process for publishing it.
  • New Content Planning & Brief Creation: Once you know what SEO content to write about, develop a detailed game plan (per post) on exactly which keywords, subjects, etc. should be covered within the post to ensure quality & maximum ROI - across all digital marketing channels. Learn more about our framework for quality content creation.
  • Historical Content Optimization: Take your existing content to the next (SEO) level with insights on exactly what changes you should make to maximize the potential for rankings, traffic, and conversions. See how we approach content marketing for existing content.

Improve your website copy and increase your online presence today with The Gray Dot Company.

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