Gray Dot Company Stands for Bodily Autonomy with Agencies for Reproductive Rights

Published on: 
June 27, 2022
Updated on: 
July 21, 2022
Tory Gray
Tory Gray
Sam Torres
Sam Torres

The Gray Dot Company stands firmly in support of reproductive rights and autonomy among women and all pregnancy-abled bodies.

Agencies for Reproductive Rights

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade on June 24th, 2022 was a cataclysmic blow to the liberties of its people. A decision based on the opinions and religious beliefs of the current legislature erases over 50 years of precedent that gave every child-bearing individual the right to end a pregnancy for any reason. 

In the wake of numerous catastrophic acts involving gun violence, racial injustice, and civil disruption, the SCOTUS's recent motion to reverse reproductive abortion rights and one’s own bodily autonomy is a manipulative demonstration of partisanship, a core violation of our right to privacy, and failure of leadership.

Overturning 1973's affirmed constitutional right to abortion a pregnancy – thereby criminalizing a person's choice over her/their/his body – has ignited an uproar as activists throughout the country (and worldwide) are sending a clear message to U.S. legislatures.

In a time of rapidly declining rights and politically-charged division in the United States, it falls on all of us to fight for change and support those most in need.

As a part of our ongoing mission to be an agency of change, Gray Dot Company has joined as a charter member of Agencies for Reproductive Rights — a coalition of 35+ agencies that believe in a person’s right to choose.

Member agencies have pledged to support reproductive rights by covering the cost of travel for team members who may need to go out of state for abortion healthcare.

For our employees, that means: 

(1) If you, your partner, or your dependent live in a state that limits your reproductive care options, Gray Dot Company will provide up to $4,000 in expense reimbursement for travel to the nearest facility where the healthcare you need is legally available. We will also front these expenses as needed (e.g. in lieu of reimbursement.)
(2) As a part of our social impact program, we'll be donating to organizations that help provide care and fight this change.

A predominantly female-driven agency, The Gray Dot Company is 100% women-owned and led, and both owners of the company are proud mothers of young daughters. Protecting the human rights and liberties of not only women, but of all individuals, is at the core of who we are. 

While we’re disappointed to need to offer this benefit—due to the inherent privacy violation that will result (e.g. your healthcare needs are none of our business!)—it is the tool we have to wield today. We promise to explore options to improve this benefit & its privacy implications over time as possible. 

For more information about Agencies for Reproductive Rights visit For more information about our Social Impact program visit TheGray.Company/Impact.

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