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Make Your Strategic Roadmap a Clear Path to Success
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A good roadmap will help you steer clear of expensive wrong turns and distracting dead ends.

The Gray Dot Company helps organizations identify and design enhancements to their UX that meaningfully support their goals and actualize their business strategy. From scope and goal-setting to roadmap definition, product and project management, success measurement, and QA support, we offer full-service assistance and the benefit of years of systems thinking and senior tech management expertise.

Develop a Detailed Roadmap with Our Consulting & Advisory Services

You've invested valuable time and energy into getting people to visit the site. How do we make sure those visitors become customers, and those customers return? Maximize LTV through strategic planning, life cycle marketing, and UX improvements to ensure that each user gets the right offer, experience, and messaging at the right point in their user journey.

We go beyond building a digital marketing strategy that drives traffic. Our roadmapping services ensure that traffic is monetized, your visitors are engaged, and key tracking is in place so we will continue to learn and improve with every product sprint.

Strategic Roadmap Documentation: We’ll build a detailed Product Roadmap that takes into account your current visitor dynamics, initial development time, level of effort, and return on investment. Our roadmaps don’t just lay out what needs to be done – they provide vital clarity on short-term and long-term goals, milestones, resources, deliverables, and timelines, making your decision-making process more clearly defined. We help remove the road blocks to success while ensuring that the entire organization is on board with the vision for the future state of your brand.

Hands-on Product Management & Project Management: The Gray Dot Company has had particular success aligning remote teams with a roadmap prioritization and planning process; building consensus and enthusiasm across teams; and partnering with engineering resources to deliver changes that drive successful product launches and related KPI. What’s more, we’ll design and manage your communication plan to make sure all stakeholders are aligned on product strategy and excited to make it all happen. Effective, timely execution is the result.

Success Measurement: In advance of launch, we identify the necessary target metrics and reporting infrastructure to ensure we have the data we need to learn from each key initiative. Our first project provides us with the necessary data to make the next initiative even more impactful. Through these project measurement processes, we’re always building momentum and moving beyond the status quo.

We can also determine opportunity gaps in your primary selling platform by employing multivariate testing and direct feedback acquisition. This provides answers to important questions that can be tracked while improvement is quantified over time:

  • What do users think about our current product/branding?
  • What, if anything, is holding users back from buying or performing the most lucrative behaviors?
  • Does the site functionally meet user needs and expectations, and if not, how can we fix it and increase sales performance and loyalty?
  • What are the site’s unique friction points, and which changes matter most?
  • What KPIs contained within a balanced scorecard are most effective at keeping teams coordinated around, and enthusiastic about, goal attainment?  

Feature QA: Having fresh eyes on a post-product launch can be a huge help. We'll team up with software engineering resources to guarantee that features and reporting function as planned and in the required timeframe.

As your consultants we will provide the following Product Management services:

  • Employ innovation strategies to ensure creativity drives ideation and execution plans
  • Prioritization of continuous customer value; help tech/product teams keep customers front-and-center when evaluating next steps
  • Provide a centralized resource to track the progress of projects and their results against business goals
  • Identify interdependencies among groups and manage the ongoing, concise communication necessary between cross-functional teams and the rest of the organization
  • Ensure projects are executed with excellence and according to your company's vision, as well as big picture strategic initiatives
  • Continually and consistently articulate and update the product vision driving software development, business planning, and ultimately cross-organizational buy-in

Community Development

The Gray Dot Company specializes in building digital communities and membership sites. For many organizations, building a successful website is just the beginning – the ultimate goal may be a more multidimensional brand relationship with customers. Together we can co-create the critical user engagement experiences known to drive the dynamics that not only sustain such sites, but grow them. These experiences take each user on a journey from visitor to active member to brand evangelist. Finding the right user-engagement strategies will not only drive the most important user behaviors but measurably increase customer satisfaction, WOM, and perceived brand value. All are critical components to growing a thriving community.

Lifecycle UX: Are you looking deeply at your customer lifecycle to make sure you’re providing the right experience at the right time? We can help you develop strategies that target users at key points in their journey. We’ll determine when you can make the biggest impact on their next move, their overall brand impression, and their likelihood to enhance LTV. Let’s develop and implement specific strategies that decrease churn, win back former members, and nurture the membership dynamics that benefit your community as a whole.

SEO Roadmap Documentation

With The Gray Dot Company’s 12 years of expertise in SEO strategy, we support large and small businesses in SEO roadmap definition, management, and QA. We specialize in strategic and technical SEO, maximizing ROI through scalable feature creation that aligns with the broader strategic roadmap of your business.

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