Awareness Stage Reporting Template

Better measure brand visibility in organic search

Gauge brand visibility in organic search to understand if your current SEO strategy is getting you in front of potential leads.

The Awareness stage is the initial touchpoint in the SEO customer funnel where prospective customers discover a brand in organic search. A user conducts a search and sees results based on their intent. If the brand has published content relevant to that intent, its domain may appear in the results. 

Visibility is crucial for brand awareness. To grow brand awareness, sites publish different types of pages and content - like informative blog posts, landing pages, and other useful resources - to meet the user intent of search terms relevant to the brand’s target audience. 

Measuring visibility can paint a picture of how big the lead pool is, how SEO efforts are attracting potential leads into the funnel, and how it translates to overall marketing and business outcomes. To do so, the focus should be on metrics like impressions, rankings, share of voice, and visibility for both branded and non-branded searches. 

Download the awareness stage report template to illuminate key insights at this important stage of the SEO customer funnel.

>>Download the Template<<

Preview of the SEO Funnel Stage Report: Awareness


Please note: 

  1. This template is built using data from Google Search Console, GA4 demo data, and Semrush data exported to Sheets. To use the template for your own reporting, you will need to update the data sources and connect your own equivalents.
  2. Brand vs. non-brand keyword distinction is defined in the filters. After duplicating the report, you will need to change the regex string for relevant filters to your own brand name.
  3. The data source for "Search Intent" reporting is a Google Sheet with example data exported from Semrush. To create the same data source for your own site, replace the sample data with your own export of the same metrics from Semrush, Ahrefs, or another SEO tool which reports on keyword intent.

How to use this awareness stage template for your own reporting:

  1. Use the link above to see the master template.
  2. Make a copy of the template.
  3. Add your brand’s data sources (GA, GSC, etc.). 
  4. Add or edit segments/filters for your target audiences, as appropriate.
  5. Add or remove any specific metrics/KPIs that do or don’t apply.
  6. Repackage, deliver, and repeat!

Please note: Brand vs. non-brand keyword distinction is based on filters built with conditional logic. After duplicating the report, you will need to change the regex string for relevant filters based on your brand name.

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Awareness Stage Reporting Template
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