Interest Stage Reporting Template

Better measure user interest in organic search

Understand how well your content is turning potential leads into real leads with reporting that illuminates the interest stage of the SEO funnel.

The Interest stage is the second from the top in the SEO customer funnel following awareness. This is where users show interest in a brand's offering through search activity that leads them to resources, products, services, and solutions. 

During this stage, users might navigate to different types of pages using different types of queries, some of which indicate the user is closer to converting than others. By measuring metrics like clicks, click-through rate (CTR), new users, and search intent, it’s possible to get a measure of interest — as well as whether a site is winning search users at different moments of the customer journey.

Preview of the SEO Funnel Stage Report: Interest
Preview of the SEO Funnel Stage Report: Interest

For instance, high clicks to content pages from informational queries show a user who may not be prepared to purchase, but still finds value in the resources a brand provides. Meanwhile, clicks to product description pages (PDPs) from commercial or transaction queries map to users who are ready or nearly ready to convert.  

Marketing and product teams, including CMOs and brand managers, are likely the primary stakeholders interested in measuring interest-related metrics. However, it’s also a wealth of knowledge for UX or design teams. Since different page types follow different templates, it can serve as a tool for identifying potential SEO issues or opportunities that could be addressed with a template change.

To get started, download the template and follow the instructions below!

>>Download the Template<<

Please note: 

  1. The data in the template is GA4 demo data for the site
  2. The data source for the "Search Intent" table is a Google Sheet with example data exported from Semrush. To create the same data source for your own site, replace the sample data with your own export of the same metrics from Semrush, Ahrefs, or another SEO tool which reports on keyword intent.
  3. A majority of GA and GSC filters in the report template are based on landing pages. After duplicating the report, you will need to change the regex string for any relevant filters based on your site's URL structure.
  4. The landing page categories and filters in this template can and should be customized in alignment with a brand’s business model. (For example, SaaS brands may not have “Product Listing Pages” and would find more value in a “Resources” category.)


How to use this awareness stage template for your reporting:

  1. Use the link above to see the master template.
  2. Make a copy of the template.
  3. Add your brand’s data sources (GA, GSC, etc.). 
  4. Add or edit segments/filters for your target audiences and site structure, as appropriate.
  5. Add or remove any specific metrics/KPIs that do or don’t apply.
    Optional: To add a "Visibility" metric in the “Search Intent” table, create a custom field using the formula SUM(Impressions)/SUM(Search Volume) 
  6. Repackage, deliver, and repeat!

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Interest Stage Reporting Template
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