Airtable Template for SEO Keyword Matrix & Content Strategy

Take your conventional keyword matrix template to the next level

As a level up from conventional keyword matrix templates and strategic content planning spreadsheets, Airtable adds more depth to your data inputs and greater clarity to your outputs.

This Airtable template is intended to elevate conventional keyword matrices and SEO content planning documentation. Use it for keyword mapping, audience personifying, creating a sitemap inventory, and prioritizing your content calendar, all in one.  

Read our blog post on how to leverage this Airtable template and follow the instructions below to customize the template to meet your needs.

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Screenshot of the SEO Keyword Template on Airtable, with example data
Screenshot of the SEO Keyword Template on Airtable, with example data

Instructions: How to use this template

Follow these instructions to utilize this Airtable template for your own projects:

  1. Make a copy/download the template: Click "Copy Base"
  2. Add/remove tables and columns to align with your data sources and business needs. 
  3. Add or upload your keyword data along with metrics like average monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, and/or user intent. (Don't forget to delete the example data!)
  4. Define and add your target audience personas, including any tags to help describe who they are
  5. Input your primary products/services and assign relevant keywords to each
  6. Add your content inventory by headline/title and URL, and add tags for content types and corresponding products/services
  7. Start creating clusters of relevant keyword groupings and assign related content to each cluster
  8. Begin leveraging specific views of interest, such as keywords by intent, funnel stage, or persona types
  9. Further customize tables, columns, and views and make the matrix your own
  10. Share and collaborate with your team, prioritize your projects/next steps, and update as needed with new content, keywords, products/services, or personas

>> Download the Template <<

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Airtable Template for SEO Keyword Matrix & Content Strategy
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