eCommerce SEO Case Study - Artifact Uprising

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Client: Artifact Uprising
Client Since: January 2020 - Current
Client Industry/Vertical: Consumer Goods, B2C, Startup
Client Location: Denver, Colorado, USA
Services Provided: eCommerce SEO Consulting, Link Audit & Strategy, Analytics Dashboarding


After a website migration that saw some recovery challenges - and a year of slowed search engine-driven organic traffic/ranking growth - retailer Artifact Uprising (AU) approached The Gray Dot Company for help resolving SEO challenges on their Magento & Gatsby eCommerce website.

Upon learning more about AU’s strong internal content marketing expertise, The Gray Dot Company came up with a strategy that would refocus the project and analyze:

  • The on-site technical SEO setup (via an SEO Audit, JavaScript Audit and Schema recommendations)
  • Their link profile relative to competitors (via a Backlink Audit & Strategy)
  • Their log files & search console account

The Gray Dot Company aimed to identify key growth opportunities with the highest ROI possible. And, given that software development resources are often limited, it quickly became clear that quantifying LOE and impact was critical to getting SEO priorities on the roadmap. So in addition to doing a complete evaluation and repair of backend website problems post-migration, The Gray Dot Company built a highly personalized plan for technical SEO, strategic SEO, and strategic link building that would course correct AU’s project.

In the end, AU was able to maximize their return on investment for both their website migration and the new strategies hand-crafted by The Gray Dot Company, all within their budget. They have since enjoyed a significant increase in traffic, transactions, and revenue through their freshly optimized lead-generating website.


  • Crawl budget issues
  • Inaccurate canonicalization & internal linking (due to migration issues)
  • A content-focused subdomain that needed integration into the core site
  • Search engine accessibility/indexing issues with critical crawl paths to product pages and category pages
  • Standard eCommerce SEO setup challenges for large sites, such as facets and filtering, duplicate content, status code errors, and more.
  • Maintain or improve the site's conversion rate while growing the SEO traffic funnel


  • 74% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • Top-Tier Rankings in Organic Keywords
  • 109% Increase in Organic Revenue
  • 133% Increase in Organic Transactions









Today The Gray Dot Company continues to work with Artifact Uprising on this project through hands-on SEO consulting, QA, and project management for remaining technical fixes, as well as strategic support for keyword research & selection, and external backlink/internal link building. Here’s what their Senior Content Marketing Manager, Elias Grouhi, had to say about working with The Gray Dot Company on this project:

SEO Client Testimonial

Kristen Edgerton

Head of Merchandising @ Artifact Uprising
eCommerce SEO Case Study - Artifact Uprising
"I was really wowed by the way in which they took that expertise and mapped it to the unique nuances of our site and business."

“We hired the Gray Dot Company to conduct an audit of our site and help us identify key optimization opportunities following a larger site migration initiative.

After seeing non-brand traffic remain relatively flat over the previous 12 months, as well as ranking declines amongst key queries, we knew we needed to dig deeper into some of the issues that were stalling what had been a prolonged period of organic traffic growth. The goals for the project were to execute a comprehensive audit, identifying any technical SEO issues and implementing a strong tactical plan for prioritization and execution.

Aside from the expertise they brought to the table, I was really wowed by the way in which they took that expertise and mapped it to the unique nuances of our site and business. Oftentimes, agencies and consultants will lean on a one-size-fits-all approach of blanket best practices, but that was far from the case with The Gray Dot Company. They took the time to understand the inherent opportunities and limitations that were distinct to our business, crafting their recommendations and approach accordingly.”

Client Location: Denver, Colorado, USA
Client Industry/Vertical: Consumer Goods, B2C, Direct to Consumer, eCommerce, Startup
Services Provided: SEO Consulting, Technical SEO, Analytics Dashboarding

Read our eCommerce Case Study about our work with Artifact Uprising.

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