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Engaging & Persuasive SEO Copywriting Services

While SEO copywriting practices have evolved over the years, the product of great writing remains a critical component of any successful strategy. Nowadays, effective SEO copywriting is more about keeping users engaged and interested, and less about optimal keyword density. In doing so, great copy effectively communicates your UVPs, facilitates conversion, and provides real value.

That’s not to dismiss keywords as obsolete or unimportant. Search data still plays a vital role across many SEO functions, including copywriting. But what truly separates high-performing SEO content from the pack is quality copy that’s engaging, persuasive, and interesting to read. 

At The Gray Dot Company, we provide a complete range of content strategy consulting and SEO copywriting services for some of the most technical and tallest orders. Be it content audits, keyword research, topic ideation, or brief creation, we help teams achieve better SEO – and business growth – outcomes with their overarching content strategy.

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Copywriting Services for SEO and Beyond

For SEO, user engagement and behavior metrics (like average session duration and pages visited) are now very important ranking signals. Consequently, high bounce rates and low engagement puts a cap on SEO growth, and no amount of word count will fix inferior copy, usability, and user intent fit.

The common denominator across top-ranking content is a high-quality user experience. In addition to elements like UX design, the copy users read is a pivotal aspect of that experience and what action users take on a website. Word choice, tone, content structure, and the overall value being portrayed  – these ingredients of powerful SEO copy demand an adaptive, creative process that truly resonates with target readers.

Our content writing services come in many different forms. With SEO consulting a core part of what we do, our team offers highly-specialized copywriting services to support a wide range of projects and applications.

Website SEO Copywriting

While a majority of sites’ SEO strategy comes in the form of information architecture and structure, on-page copywriting also requires some degree of keyword inclusion and SEO direction. The primary difference in website SEO copywriting (versus that of SEO content writing for blogs, publications, and other works) is that web copy demands a certain level of psychology to be effective. It’s a creative balancing act of including target keywords in the right places. But more importantly, it’s also about resonating with users and compelling them to take the desired action.

SEO Copywriting for Regulated Industries

Certain regulated industries – such as health, medical, food and drug, finance, energy, and travel – require meeting very granular compliance standards and content requirements. This can pose unique challenges for copywriters, especially when factoring SEO into the mix. 

We thrive in areas that demand a high degree of regulatory compliance and technical copywriting experience. Whether the project involves intensive research and works cited or careful language around what and what not to say, our copywriters offer a longstanding background in writing for various regulated industries.

Article/Blog Writing Services

Most commonly rooted in research, planning, and a clearly developed content strategy, the approach to writing blog posts and articles differs from traditional SEO copywriting. In a general sense, it’s less about driving conversions and targeted action, and more about informing, educating, and inspiring users. 

Blog writing services can still prioritize SEO as a primary objective, but oftentimes the best outcomes are achieved by taking a neutral, non-promotional approach that offers value, and foremost, establishes trust and credibility. Our team can help build the strategic foundation for your blog content as well as lead the writing and production side of actualizing the work.

Thought Leadership & E-A-T

Displaying expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-A-T) is a crucial element to gaining an SEO edge with your content. While E-A-T involves many different facets – ranging from the website’s reputation to the credentials of the author, editor, or reviewer – the richness of the content itself can bring about elevated levels of E-A-T. The same goes for thought leadership and bolstering authority in your work.

Copy that is well-researched, resourceful, and brings value to users goes a long way in supporting E-A-T and SEO. In addition to benchmark requirements like clarity, readability, information, and value, high-quality content that's backed by science, data, and professional insights (and mindfully links to those supportive sources) adds a layer of credibility and trust that both users and search engines value. 

eCommerce SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting for eCommerce sites is critical to remain competitive. In a world where countless retailers default to using manufacturer-written product descriptions on their pages (hello, duplicate content), eComm businesses can gain an edge by writing their own SEO-friendly page copy (especially when that copy “rings a bell” with customers). In addition to product copy, the value in SEO copywriting services extends into categories, homepages, and other creative content strategy applications, like review write-ups, blogs, and press releases. When you’re team needs support in any of these areas, we have the eComm SEO copywriting experience to help. 

B2B SaaS SEO Copywriting

Writing for B2B SaaS brands is one of the more intricate applications of our SEO copywriting services. It’s the ultimate balance between feature-focused technical copy and trust-building content that reinforces confidence and support in Software as a Service. Having served as strategic content advisors for many different B2B companies, SaaS brands, and tech startups, we know what it takes to rise above the crowd. We guide teams on how to elevate their content and overall SEO efforts with fresh ideas and experienced copywriting services that help break through the clutter and position brands as industry authorities. 

UX Copywriting 

Projects involving UX copywriting are often beyond the scope of SEO but still have parallel objectives in keeping users engaged. UX (and even UI) copywriting centers on guiding users' experiences with a website or app. This involves button options and menu labels for clear decision-making, instructional copy to help make products operational, and writing messages for CTA opt-ins, security notes, and error messages.  The use cases for UX copywriting are vast. In a nutshell, it's largely about filling the blanks left by app developers and website designers and communicating key messages within those platforms.

Advertising Copywriting

Ad copywriting is a craft that’s used across many different contexts, from PPC search ads to remarketing and display ads. Not relevant to SEO (unless you count attention-grabbing meta descriptions), we offer the capacity to provide advertising copywriting as a stand-alone service. With experience in various digital advertising formats, we can be the content creation pillar to support your ad campaigns, whether it involves Google Ads, Bing/Microsoft Advertising, or a combination of platforms. 

Conversion Copywriting

With similar intention as ad copy, conversion copywriting is a specialized form of persuasive writing that's intended to drive a user to take a desired action, such as submitting a form or purchasing a product. Some forms of SEO copywriting can inherently include conversion copywriting, such as eCommerce product pages or parts of blog content writing where CTAs come into play. In general, conversion copy focuses on a precise objective, and that is to convert users into leads, customers, or subscribers, right then and there. When you need to refresh copy and increase conversion rates, our copywriting services can help.

Content Strategy & SEO Copywriting Services

At The Gray Dot Company, we provide a powerful combination of SEO content strategy and copywriting services, and we take on some of the most complex, hard-to-write projects. If you have great writing resources on hand, we can guide the strategy with the research, planning, and content brief creation to lead writers in the right direction. And when qualified content writers are difficult to recruit, we can fill the gaps with professional SEO copywriting services that check all of the boxes

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