Lead Generation Strategy Services

Lead Generation Strategy & Consulting Services

Most of The Gray Dot Company’s clients focus on growing high-quality leads or subscriptions, in industries ranging from financial, insurance, and legal services to B2B & B2C SaaS offerings. In addition to supporting these clients with digital traffic acquisition, we help clients grow the quality and quantity of their leads.

We do this by identifying gaps in your customer funnel targeting and creating a content marketing strategy/landing page strategy that captures the contact information of your target market & potential customers.

We help define an effective lead generation strategy that builds upon the foundational needs of the sales/marketing and customer service departments, while working with the organization to get the right tools, vendors, and FTE/PTE in place to execute the plan. Then we continue to support - as needed - through ongoing consulting services and team training.

Detailed Lead Generation Consulting Service Offerings

  • Exploration & Assessment: Research to understand what gaps may exist in the current marketing & lead generation strategies, as well as your business & marketing goals.
  • Lead Generation Strategy Documentation: Define the resources & pages needed to capture the contact information of your target audience - where ever they are in the sales cycle - which may include strategic content, landing pages, “registration bait” like eBooks, case studies, webinars, and more. We can help build these assets on your behalf, or aid your team in their creation.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Documentation: Creation of a comprehensive strategy in support of your overall marketing campaigns and lead generation goals, which take advantage of your business’s strengths and unique selling points. This provides the framework for a tactical marketing execution plan. It includes digital channel-specific plans for:
  • Inbound marketing: search engine optimization, social media, email marketing, paid advertising (PPC, display, podcast advertising) and more
  • Outbound marketing: Paid social media marketing, online paid advertising (PPC, display, podcast advertising) and more
  • Plus those efforts that serve your strategic needs across channels, including content marketing and landing page creation. Content creation plans usually include case studies and white papers, along with strategic blogging and eBook creation.
  • Learn more about our framework for using strategic content to improve B2B lead generation efforts.
  • Tool, Employee & Vendor Selection and Training: Support finding the right mix of tools, employees, and/or vendors for your budget, stage of business, and growth strategy, all in support of the overall growth plan. Training provided to internal resources as needed.
  • Lead Nurture Consulting: While we don’t specialize in lead nurturing, we can support internal teams with strategic advice & direction, as well as being a “sounding board” when you need an outsider’s view. Either way - it’s critical to close the loop between lead generation, lead nurturing, and your sales team, so make sure your pipeline meets or exceeds your expectations.
  • Assessment & Rating: Measure the success of the strategy (via goals & KPIs) & execution to apply these iterative learnings and continue to increase your business’s growth curve.
  • Ongoing Lead Generation, Digital Marketing & SEO Consulting Services: Support the internal marketing team as needed for strategy and execution course corrections, new hire/vendor training, and marketing opportunity vetting.
  • Become a lead magnet and grow your qualified leads and sales pipeline with The Gray Dot Company.

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