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Digital Marketing Strategy

I specialize in helping organizations setup digital marketing departments and/or scale up/transform existing digital departments by completing an initial program assessment, defining the strategy & foundational needs of the department, and working with the organization to get the right tools, vendors, and FTE/PTE in place to execute the plan. Then I continue to support through ongoing consulting services and team trainings as the team requires it. 


Detailed Digital Marketing Consulting Service Offerings

  • Exploration & Assessment: Research to understand what gaps may exist in the current marketing plan, as well as your business & marketing goals.

  • Strategy Documentation: Creation of a comprehensive strategy in support of your growth goals, which takes advantage of your business’s strengths and unique selling points. This provides the framework for a tactical execution plan.

  • Execution Plan: The initial game plan, organized by channel, for how & where to kick off (or iterate against) your digital marketing efforts, complete with budget recommendations.

  • Tool, Employee & Vendor Selection and Training: Finding the right mix of tools, employees and/or vendors for your budget, stage of business and growth strategy, all in support of the overall growth plan. Training provided to internal resources as needed.

  • Copy & Brand Voice Testing: Support answering the questions: is my messaging hitting home with my target audience? Is message A or message B more powerful? What brings me more leads, customers & revenue at the right CPA?

  • Assessment & Rating: Measuring the success of the strategy (via goals & KPIs) & execution to apply these iterative learnings and continue to increase your business’s growth curve.

  • Ongoing Digital Marketing Consulting: Supporting the internal team as needed for strategy and execution course corrections, new hire/vendor trainings, and marketing opportunity vetting.