Digital Marketing Strategy Services

Digital Marketing Strategy

We specialize in helping new brands set up digital marketing departments and/or scale up “new to digital” traditional marketing departments.

We do this through completing an initial program assessment, defining the strategy & foundational needs of the department, and working with the organization to get the right tools, vendors, and FTE/PTE in place to execute the plan. Then we continue to support through ongoing consulting services and team trainings as the marketing team requires it.

Detailed Digital Marketing Consulting Service Offerings

  • Exploration & Assessment: Research to understand what gaps may exist in the current marketing plan, as well as your business goals, marketing goals and competitive advantages.
  • Strategy Documentation: Creation of a comprehensive digital marketing plan in support of your growth goals, which takes advantage of your business’s strengths and unique selling points. This provides the framework for a tactical execution plan.
  • Channel-Specific Strategy: Our digital strategies vary depending on client needs, and generally consider the following marketing channels & website needs:
  • Digital Channels:
  • Digital Advertising/Digital Media
  • Paid Search (PPC)
  • Paid & Organic Social Media Marketing (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and more.)
  • Influencer Marketing
  • SEO/Search Engine Optimization & Link Building Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital PR
  • Website Needs:
  • Branding Needs/Requirements
  • Digital Strategy Roadmap Creation (may include strategy work, case studies, white papers, etc.)
  • Content Marketing Strategy (may include Webinars, Blogs, Infographics, etc.)
  • Landing Page Strategy
  • Data Tracking Audits & Setup
  • Execution Plan: The initial game plan, organized by channel, for how & where to kick off (or iterate against) your digital marketing efforts, complete with budget recommendations.
  • Tool, Employee & Vendor Selection and Training: Finding the right mix of tools, employees and/or vendors for your budget, stage of business and growth strategy, all in support of the overall growth plan. Training provided to internal resources as needed.
  • Copy & Brand Voice Testing: Support answering the questions: is my messaging hitting home with my target audience? Is message A or message B more powerful? What brings me more leads, customers & revenue at the right CPA?
  • Assessment & Rating: Measuring the success of the strategy (via goals & KPIs) & execution to apply these iterative learnings and continue to increase your business’s growth curve.
  • Ongoing Digital Marketing Consulting: Supporting the internal team as needed for strategy and execution course corrections, new hire/vendor trainings, and marketing opportunity vetting.

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