Search Market

Accessible market intelligence that accelerates quality decision making

What Is Search Market Research?

Search Market Research uses quantifiable search volume data to inform your product, marketing and operations strategies. It leverages historical keyword data, new & evolving search trends, and forecasts the expressed interests of those actively searching on platforms like Google, YouTube, Amazon, and Reddit.

We leverage vast data sets in real-time to conduct in-depth analysis of interest and trend data to provide actionable insights.

  • Gauge interest
  • Discover trends
  • Plan strategic content
  • Focus content programming
  • Support interdepartmental needs
  • Prioritize initiatives
  • Segment findings by geolocation and operational need

Discover new markets and opportunities
Align your product portfolio and content with popular search data to pinpoint market interest
Accurately pinpoint your audience
Better understand evolving market trends and gauge depth and breadth of the market
Explore what resonates with your customers
Identify customer pain points and support customer service efforts with real-time information
Identify selling points and features
Determine what users are seeking out independent of product or service categories
Support strategic planning
Quantify total addressable market (TAM) and evaluate search market share

Use Cases

  • Branding
  • Product plannning, development & positioning
  • Naming
  • Market expansion
  • Market realignment
  • Market & initiative prioritization
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